Eternal Crusade — an Interview with the developers. Free version of the game will be released in March

MMOTPS the developers of Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade is happy to answer the questions of our community. And so today we offer you to familiarize with the new interview.

You will be able to know when it will be available free version of the game, what restrictions are imposed on free accounts, the team is going to add to EC in March, what innovations will be available in the project until the summer, will there be «sub-sub» faction, can improve system campaigns, has the situation changed with the console version of the game, remember the developers talking about mutators, etc.

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To read «An interview with the developers. About the free access and the future innovations»

“The free version expected to be available in March. Along with the free version will also 20.000 RTC version of the game, with which you will be able to upgrade to the full version. The difference is that you can play all factions and classes, except one, and also to develop 100% free, while the full version allows you to develop by 300%.

The difference in progress is saved for you. This means that you can choose one of three options of payment for the game instead of just one, and when you reach 20.000 bought RTC, you will immediately receive the full version and unlock all your saved progress.”

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