Empyrion — Galactic Survival: Codes

Enter the following commands through «Telnet» or You can enter them via the game console for players with rights: «Moderators, Server Admins, Gamemasters».

Help — display a list of all commands
Help <team> — information on the specified command
Godmode — God mode (only works for «Moderators»)
Teleport [X] [Y] [Z] – teleport to the chosen coordinates (example: Teleport 120 -440 471) (only works for «Gamemasters»)
Itemmenu — activate by pressing «H» menu item as in «creative» (only works for «Gamemasters»)
Give <the number> — add the needed amount of money (only works for «Moderators»)
Debugmenu, you can activate the debug menu (only works for «Moderators»)
Destroy [ID] — remove selected item with the item ID (works only for «Moderators»)

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