Economic business game, economic simulation — ProEconomica.

Economic business game, economic simulation — ProEconomica.

Are you ready to develop your entrepreneurial skills in order to become a really successful businessman? Do you want to manage your own company or compete with other players in a virtual world based on the concepts found in reality? Then go to ProEconomica and get into a unique economic adventure! Join a virtual world that brings you real experience. ProEconomica is a browser based economic online game that offers you the possibility to develop your entrepreneurial skills and knowledge in the economical field, and the most important is that you can contribute to your city’s development, to the development of your region and country. Only with your help your country may reach the Global Top of ProEconomica. In your way to glory and honor, you have to take care of your virtual character, to accomplish certain works, economical tests or participate in economical competitions with other players, all of these bringing you fame, presents and many benefits in real life. Want to have fun but still want something different from the rest of the available online games? Try ProEconimica — the business online simulator that changes your virtual world. Because Proeconomica it’s more than just a game – it’s an experience, and most important- a real one!

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Economic business game, economic simulation — ProEconomica.