Dunkey released a video on Super Seducer 2, so that the author of the game transferred money to charity

Videogamedunkey is like Gufovsky, only for the English-speaking public (and releases videos more often!). In March 2018, Dunkey showed a video about Super seducer, which gained almost four million views. But in order for Dunkey to pay attention to Super Seducer 2, additional motivation was required.

In October, the protagonist of the series Super seducer Richard La Ruina (Richard La Ruina) posted a tweet where he stated that he would transfer $ 25,000 to charity if Dunkey made a video about Super Seducer 2. To tweet La ruin Attached your photo in a t-shirt «Knack 2, baby!» This is a reference to one of the constant jokes in the Dunkey community: “yutuber” likes to call Knack 2 a game of all years.

After a couple of months, Dunkey still responded. The video came out in the traditional humorous way, but there is a drop of seriousness in it: at the end Dunkey asks La ruin transfer money to the International Rescue Committee — a non-profit organization that helps refugees and those affected by war, persecution, or natural disasters.

La ruin He turned out to be a man of his word: he promised that on December 28 he would donate $ 25,000 to IRC, as agreed. La ruin lay out the proof with the translation on his Twitter.

Funny moment: T-shirt «Knack 2, baby!» Is inside Super Seducer 2. Judging by this post, it appears at a level that is dedicated to the features of the pickup through Tinder.

Note that La ruin already announced Super Seducer 3. The game promises a «brand new engine» Seduction Engine 2.0, which will help pass the «most advanced technology» for dating.

As the great trilogy about seduction will end, we will find out on March 6, 2019 — this very day they are going to release Super Seducer 3.


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