Devil May Cry and Street Fighter V Events at Monster Hunter World

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In this topic, I will try to tell you at once about two collaborative events that can be said to have appeared recently and brought with them a lot of different buns. This topic has a right to exist, since Japanese developers from Capcom can periodically reintroduce the opportunity to get these same things in honor of a major holiday or with the launch of a certain global event.

Since the method of obtaining them is quite simple, I decided to combine two events at once into one topic.

Devil may cry

  • Hunter rank required is 14 or higher. 
  • Level \ Complexity of the mission — 8. 
  • Venue — Arena. 
  • Task — Destroy all the monsters in the arena. 
  • You can get — Unique armor Dante and his famous sword. 

In this event, all equipment can be obtained only from the blacksmith, after having collected special resources from the event task, so we go straight to the task board or SPC, and in the Events tab you need to find the special quest “Code: Red”.

After launch, you will be transferred to the arena, which is already familiar to you, where you will need to take turns to destroy four even weakened, but rather tenacious and aggressive creatures (funny fact is that all these monsters are selected solely from the name of the quest).

For performing this task in the general pool of awards, you are only interested in the special items “Red Orb \ Red Balls”. In total, you will need seven such balls to create weapons and armor, so we start the farm process, and only then we go to the blacksmith.

As soon as you visit the blacksmith, find on his list a special armor with the name of the main character of the Devil May Cry series, in addition to various other reagents, you will need five orbits, one for each piece of equipment.

The weapon of the event is “Dante’s Devil Sword”, which in game interpretation refers to the type of weaponry “Charge Blade Sword-shield-ax”, this also implies a rather interesting feature, for which I really liked this sword.

As the name implies, this type of weapon always goes “Sword + Shield”, which can then be turned into an ax, but in Dante’s sword the shield looks like a small red rune around your arm, and that is why your character looks even better, because he doesn’t bulky bullshit on one of his hands.

Dante’s armor is suitable for both male and female characters at the same time, and she also has a certain potential for fans of mixes different armor due to quite good characteristics on certain parts of it.

There are a total of six major bonuses in total:

  • Weakness Exploit (Level 3). 
  • Evade Window (Level 3). 
  • Attack Boost (Level 3). 
  • Critical Eye (2nd level). 
  • Special Ammo Boost (Level 1). 
  • Latent Power (1 level). 

Street fighter v

  • Hunter rank required is 3 or higher for the first round, 12 or higher for the second round. 
  • Level \ mission complexity — 3 first round, 7 second round. 
  • Venue — Arena. 
  • Task — Destroy a specific type of monster in the arena. 
  • You can get — A unique look that will turn you into characters in the Street Fighter V series of games. 

I’ll say right away that unlike most other events, everything can be safely categorized as “decorations”, since they are not intended for serious battles, and below I will describe things that can only be obtained through the game.

Special emotions of this kolab, such as HADUKEN !!! can be purchased only in the store of your platform, and in theory they can kill small creatures, as they cause a little damage.

Also, the kolab is divided into two so-called “rounds” stages, for each of the characters separately, unlike the others, basically everything will happen in this event through various trials.

The first round will allow you to get unique armor, which outwardly turns you into the famous Ryu hero of the aforementioned series of games, for this you need to find the NPC that controls the arena, then select the “Tests” option and look for “Down the Dark, Muddy Path” «.

This test is designed for two people and will force you to fight with a certain creature, increased in size and slightly increased complexity, the main resource that you will receive are special tickets and their number depends on the final result.

At the beginning of this test, you will be offered to choose one of the sets of equipment, and your character will also be dressed in Ryu skin.

All you need to collect seven such tickets, then go to the blacksmith and create his armor Ryu, which is located in the section «solid armor.»

Round two will allow you to get another unique armor, which this time will turn you into the female Sakura character of the same series of games, again we go to the NPC with tests, this time you will have as many as three «Empress in Full Bloom I \ II \ III ”(differing only in the initial sets of equipment).

And again, you two will have to defeat a certain creature, only this time it will be normal, only of high rank, which means you should take it more seriously.

Unlike the first round, you only need four tickets of the second rank, except for this, to create a costume, you will also need other unusual resources that you will have to farm.

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