Demonstration of Beyond Skyrim videodnevnik — fan-made fashion, where all Tamriel is recreated

Beyond skyrim — fan project for Skyrim, where they are trying to recreate in detail the continent of Tamriel from the series The elder scrolls. So far, fans have enough fuse, so they released the first diary of developers and showed progress at the current moment.

All Beyond skyrim divided into several parts, which are engaged in different teams. Seven zones are currently being prepared: Iliac Bay (High Rock and Hammerfell), Cyrodiil, Morrowind, Black Marsh, Elsweyr, as well as Roskrea Island and Atmora mainland, which are located north of Tamriel.

As they say in the video diary, Roskrei has decent progress: the team has almost completed the landscape, has written many quests and character dialogues, has designed most major cities and villages. The authors even bother to think out for their inhabitants Roskrei their unique language.

At Iliak Bay, Cyrodiil and Atmora, things are also slowly progressing: the video shows the landscapes of these territories in Beyond skyrim. Elsweyer is somewhere at the stage of the draft landscape, instead of many assets use stubs. And Black Marsh and does sit at an early stage of production, when the team can show only a few concept art.

For morrowind in Beyond skyrim, apparently, have already completed a significant part of the necessary work. Some special announcement will be devoted to this territory, which will be sounded at the beginning of 2019.

Recall that Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind already shown in a separate video, and Bromu from Cyrodiil was released as an independent supplement. In addition, in October, another group of fans demonstrated their own Morrowind, which creates a modification Skywind — remake Morrowind based Skyrim.


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