Defiance 2050 will have new classes.

At the beginning of July, on the 10th, to be more precise, the team from the Trion Worlds studio released the MMO shooter Defiance 2050, which is an improved version of the original game. Although the project is not very popular among the community, the developers are not going to stop there and are preparing to release new content. So, judging by the published roadmap, in the near future we will have as many as three free updates.

The first one, called “Trouble in Paradise”, will add a new class to the game — Crusader, faction and type of opponents. The second will be “Shadows over Paradise”, with it in the game will be new plot tasks, enemies, development system and class Engineer. Last, “Paradise Lost”, will introduce content designed for high-level characters, in the patch we are waiting for dungeons and bosses.

In addition, the Demoman class, available to the owners of the founder’s set, will soon be able to unlock all users without exception.

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