Defiance 2050 – The release of the update “Trouble in Paradise”

If you are a fan of the IMO-shooter Defiance 2050, then finally the good news came - Trion Worlds was happy to announce the release of a major content update “Trouble in Paradise”.

One of the key innovations of the patch is the new class - Crusader, which has a huge heavy hammer that can turn any adversary who dares to stand in your way. In addition, in his arsenal there is a skill that causes meteor shower. Access to the new product is provided with the purchase of the DLC “Crusader Class Pack”.

In addition, new opponents appeared in the game - Grid, and users got the opportunity to get acquainted with their history, a weapon customization system was introduced and the thematic event “Hulker Hell” began. Also, the creators have prepared for users gifts, timed to the release of the update - everyone who comes into the game, will receive the local currency and vehicle.

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