Defiance 2050 — Release Date “Trouble in Paradise”

Trion Worlds has shared new details about the upcoming “Trouble in Paradise” addition for the Defiance 2050 MMO shooter. The DLC will be released on October 15, 2018 and will be the first free expansion. It offers users a lot of content and various features that will enhance the project.

With the launch of the add-on, players will have access to a new class — Crusader, which uses a heavy two-handed hammer as a weapon and is able to bring down a meteorite on the heads of its opponents. In addition, there will be a system that allows you to change the appearance of the weapon, a new type of opponents — the Grid, a cooperative Prototypes map, a reworked Arkfalls zone and much more.

Also waiting for users themed event, called “Hulker Hell”. The event is dedicated to the coming Halloween and allows you to get hold of new mods, weapons and skins for it.

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