Defense and maximum defense

Since the introduction of heroes into the game players still get confused by the concepts of defense and maximum defense. This article provides a thorough explanation of these concepts.

The algorithm of defense calculation is as follows:

  1. Calculate maximum defense. It equals 50 + bonuses – disbonuses.
  2. If maximum defense is higher than 75 or lower than 0, it becomes 75 or 0 respectively.
  3. Calculate the defense. It equals the sum of bonuses from: a) Spells, abilities, artifacts of heroes (considering the sign); b) Fortifications; c) Native land defense bonus; d) «Maximum defense within the domain» (in this case considered infinite).
  4. If the defense value is higher than maximum defense calculated in Step 2, it becomes equal to maximum defense.
  5. 5. If the defense value is lower than 0, it equals 0.

When counting the bonuses increasing the defense and making it higher than 50, keep in mind to also count the bonuses increasing maximum defense.

Example: the domain on native land, 3 fortifications of level 7 and a shield giving +5 to defense. The defense value will equal 50 as it is maximum defense. In a domain on native land but without fortifications the defense value is going to be 30.

Choosing between a disbonus to enemy’s defense and a disbonus to his maximum defense, choose the one to maximum defense because:

  1. It will cut «Maximum defense within the domain» bonus;
  2. There are more bonuses to defense than bonuses to maximum defense. Your enemy is more likely to have auxiliary defense than auxiliary maximum defense.


  1. The enemy has «Maximum defense within the domain» bonus; we have an artifact lowering maximum defense by 20. The enemy’s defense is going to be 30 rather than 50. On the other hand if we had an artifact lowering defense value by 20, the enemy’s defense would still be 50.
  2. The enemy has +25 to defense on native land, an artifact giving +20 to defense and maximum defense and a shield giving +50 to defense. If we lower his maximum defense by 20, it is going to become 30-40. To achieve such effect by lowering the defense value we would have to lower it by 45-55.