Dean Hall dissatisfied with the price increase for ARK: Survival Evolved

IMO ARK: Survival Evolved will be released on August 8th. And last week we learned that the price of the game increased to $ 59.99 (Russian players need to pay 1049 rubles).

But former DayZ developer Dean Hall on his Twitter page rather unflatteringly commented on this whole situation with the price increase. According to him, ARK at the moment can not be worth such an amount, since the game has not yet been completed.

He believes that such a move by the Studio Wildcard team is a manifestation of greed. Dean also said that he is a big fan of this project, and the price of $ 59.99 for ARK will be normal only if the team completes the game and fixes all the bugs.

It is worth recalling that the development of the same DayZ began in 2012, and then in 2013 the game moved to early access to Steam, and after some 4 years, it still lives in the Early Access zone.

In addition, thanks to a short interview that PC Gamer magazine was able to take from Hall, it was possible to learn additional details regarding the foregoing. Dean believes that games should remain in early access until developers have finished them in good condition. He is also confident that DLCs bring only harm to ARK: Survival Evolved, as they divide the community into separate groups.

Simply put, you can not increase the price of the game, if it clearly has all sorts of errors, flaws, etc.

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