Darksiders III: the location of all the blocks of adamantium

Blocks adamantina is a unique components used for the modification of the weapons of Fury. Any weapon can be pumped up to level ten, and each new level increases total damage. To flow from the first to the third level used the wreckage of adamantium (it is error localization, in fact we are talking about «pieces of adamantium», so focused on the picture), from the third to the sixth – shards of adamantium, from the sixth to the ninth – the wreckage of adamantium, from the ninth to the tenth blocks of adamantium.

In total in the game you can find three blocks of adamantium. If you get them all, you will be able to pump the three arms (of the six available) to the maximum level. In addition, the presence of three blocks of adamantium will unlock the achievement «Clean power».

In this guide we will tell you where to find each of the three items:

1. To collect the blocks of adamantium you need to unlock the three forms of Anger – Fire, Storm and Strength. After that use teleport and return to the location «North end» where else is there a pit with two ogres (huge monsters resembling gorillas). From the pit go up the road to the cliff, where the winged demon goes.

Climb the tree near the building to the right, jump to the same buildings on the left. This will need to cling to the branch. Perhaps the branch will have to jump in the double jump the fire shape to a point of capture of the hook of Rage.

After that, go up the tree and to the left of the building found another two branches. In the form of a storm, jump on them, and when you fly from the latter, double click on the Space bar, then hold to reach the metal balcony. Perhaps you will be able to reach it using a double jump in the air in a fiery shape. From this balcony jump to the next, go to the corner of the building and inside it destroy the purple stones.

On the floor there will be several hives, but you are interested in the nearest, above the stairs going down. Destroying it, go down the stairs to find a block of adamantium.

2. The following two blocks of adamantium can be found after you unlock the fourth and last form of Anger – Peace. Go to the pedestal «Hold», which appeared after the destruction of Lust. Hence, move along the same route as before to get to the tail of Gluttony.

Recall that it was necessary to use the power ball to move the purple crystals on the walls and outside the ship. Follow this route to the metal stairs that led you to the tail of the monster. The first time there are purple stones.

Do not rush to climb the stairs and look to the right. Here you will find the acid river and air flow. In the form of a storm go through the other side, kill the enemies and go to the entrance on the left. Destroy the purple stones and walk through the building, out to the back yard.

Enter the new building, which also need to stolytsya the boulder to climb up, push the mushroom and gain access to one of the Elect. Inside this building you will find an ice wall. In the form of a peace climb up, then follow the purple path, turning the power ball to get to the small island with a container and a block of adamantium, lying at a distant from them.

3. This lump of adamantium to find the easiest way, but again I need the rest. Go to the place where you fought with the chosen of Grok (or seen this monster since you can run past). Outside, where moving the coal bowl, come on down and see the rotating rollers with spikes.

Freeze them, leaving the «rescuer», charged the rest, and then go down to the secret room. Look around and in the cave to find the artifact, demons, and a block of adamantium.

Now you know how to find all three blocks of adamantium, unlock achivku «Clean power» and to the maximum to improve three weapons of Rage.

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