Darksiders III: the Location of all people

Blacksmith Ultan that improves weapons and increases the level of enhancements for the weapons in Darksiders 3, will give the Fury amulet with some bonuses, if that will be engaged in the search for missing people. In total you can find 20 people, and for every five of them you get a new achievement, and also the added bonus of Altana. It is noteworthy that the number of people saved is added up in different passages.

That is, to obtain the maximum achievements it is not necessary to search all 20 people.

To start the UPS:

— For any five people Ultan will give the amulet from the first bonus which is 10% sourcerow increases the amount of souls received from enemies killed.

For the next five (ten in total) man Ultan modifies the amulet and will add 20% to luceram anger derived from slain enemies.

— The top five (total – 15) man Ultan will increase the maximum health points of Fury by 30 %.

— Finally, over the last five and finding all the people you receive from Altana the final bonus in the form of increased physical and magical damage of any weapon by 10 %.

Note:. Bonuses do not appear immediately after you find the right number of people. Every time you need to go back and talk to Altana in his forge.

Now this is where to find all 20 people. The first 13 people can be found as you progress through the game (right when you’re near the right place). Here they are:

1. The first man you will save automatically after the location of «Crossroads» will go down in the subway through the hole under the bus.

2. About the huge gap in the subway, on the other side of which is Laziness, past the pedestal «Broken station». You will need to take the bug, move it to the red puddle and throw in a web. This puddle is formed during the destruction of the bag.

From where is the bag, go down the hill in the opposite direction. Kill the black monster and climb through a hole in the right wall to the cave with the web to find a new person.

3. When you find yourself in a large room underground, reminiscent of the station, covered in cobwebs, you will need to go to the stairs in the far left corner. They shall have to pass through several corridors that will lead to Laziness. By the way, there is also a pedestal «Winding grotto». Well, you need to climb the stairs. Stand up my back on them and go in the opposite direction to find the car.

Climb it, climb through the hole and find a cave with a man.

4. When you’re in the new part of the city, at the pedestal «and the end» (you’ll be there, going to lust), then go to the right side of the pedestal to the end of the path to find a small ravine. Jump down, get through the hole and save a new person.

5. Following the meeting with Lust, before the Outpost of the angels, where Uziel reward Fury throwing weapons «Savior» will need to destroy the purple wall, using the beetle and purple goo. Near the place where the bug and the puddle of purple goo, there are containers. Jump across them to find a man.

6. Moving on a meeting with Lust and unlock the pedestal «Shattered highway», follow the ventilation in the building and around the corner to the left find man.

7. You are interested in the same place where is Damaged Knightrider. Read more about this in the guide, dedicated to all Entities of Favorites.

8. Following the meeting with Gluttony, you will unlock the pedestal of the «Tank.» It is located outside the room with two intersecting channels of water. If you remember, you had to Wade through the red tunnel under the water, climb up, jump over the pipes and activate the lever.

It is allowed to open the huge gate, and behind them is the pedestal. From it the stairs go up and save the person.

9. Are you interested in a pedestal «Flooded district» at the place where the warehouse beetle. Not paying attention to the bug, climb the ruined staircase, follow the stairs up and find the pipe held by the web. Burn her well-aimed throw «Savior» in the form of fire and jump over to the other side, clinging to the two tubes.

Turn around and look left to find a passage to the room with the cobwebs. Jump over there, clinging to the nearest pipe. In the form of Storms will need to fly to the ledge.

Burn the cobwebs and help a person.

Darksiders 3: the location of all people

Right place.

10. Are you interested in the room where you moved the two large stone to jump up in fiery form. This is on the way to the meeting place with Gluttony. Climb up, move forward and stop at a small part of the building. Look up and find the piece of missing wall.

Jump over using a double jump in a fiery form, and then save the person.

Darksiders 3: the location of all people

Right place.

11. From the pedestal «Exit the sewers», where the battle began with Gluttony, on the ice wall to the right climb up. Here is one of the improvements and the room with the boxes.

Destroy the boxes and save the person.

Darksiders 3: the location of all people


12. On location «Scar» when you unlock the pedestal, «Supplement to drilling», go outside and find a large wooden tower. Throw «Savior» in the form of forces, to expand the tower, then at the ice wall jump up.

In the same form of peace rise above another set of ice walls and inside look of the person.

Darksiders 3: the location of all people

The ice wall.

13. When you find yourself in a place where Elected Grok, then exit out to the coal moving platforms. Drop down, freeze the «Savior» in the form of rest rotating shafts with the spikes and go under them.

Here will be a block of adamantium and another man.

The following seven people could be saved not once, but once will be found one or another form of Rage:

14. Unlocking the form of Fire, return to the forge of Ultane and wooden walkways climb up. Go outside, jump over to the other side, caught on the branch of a tree, and burn the cobwebs. Go this route, climb to the top floor of the partially destroyed building and behind a metal fence-find the person.

15.From the forge of Ultane go in the opposite direction, move from the building on a thick branch and turn left to detect air flow. Climb up in the shape of a storm, follow the only route and jump over the nearby building where the person is.

16. At the «Crossroads», when you unlock the form of force, move to the left far corner, where the house there’s a man-eater. Kill him, destroy the purple stones and distant room way person.

17. At the metro station with plenty of web near the pedestal «Winding grotto» need to go to the far right part. There are purple stones. Are you interested in stones at the top of the steps.

Destroy them, go into the room and jump onto the ledge on the right. Get in the new part of the cave. There will be a lot of holes in the floor, but you don’t have to jump through them down or you will go back to the metro station.

Avoiding the holes and kill the enemies, find a ledge which you can jump. There will still be a green light. He will lead you into a room with a man.

18. In the same place where the previous person, you need to go from the entrance (hole leading from the metro station) right down the slope and jump into the hole located on the right side. Not to be confused with hole in the center of the room. This path will lead you to the part of the cave where is hidden another person.

Darksiders 3: the location of all people

Need a descent on the right.

19. When you unlock a form of power, then go back to the pedestal, «North end», and follow the road to the right, where there is a winged demon (or was) with other opponents. If you remember, you went down into the ravine to find one of the people. The building on the right has purple stones. Destroy the hammer of their forces and save the person.

By the way, you could save before using the bug and purple puddles in a nearby building.

20. The last man can be found at the pedestal of the «Sunken way». Move there. This part of the metro is in front of the rails with two huge spiders. Near the pedestal is the ice wall.

Climb on them in the form of peace, in the form of force jump and cling to the pipe, and then turn into a power ball to be on the other side. Enter the room on the right side and save the last man.

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