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Darksiders III — for sure, one of the most controversial big games of this year. Her ratings vary from “Morally obsolete non-ideology suffering from self-identification crisis” to “A smart present for all fans of the series” and “A great slasher with elements Dark souls". The scores on Metacritic (I’m talking about the PS4 version) are from 20 to ninety points, the players put three to 10 points there.

Yes, you yourself understand everything perfectly — the network is already full of reviews.

Therefore, I do not see any reason to repeat and build myself Captain Obviousness, telling for a long time that this long awaited revival of the departed was a series of pathos-brutal adventure action games about how Apocalypse riders fight for balance on the Earth incinerated by this Apocalypse. The fact that it is still the same mixture of slasher, riddles, acrobatics and role-playing parts with a taste of "metro". Etc. and similar.

Instead, as a demon's lawyer, I will immediately make a speech in defense Darksiders III.

Physics or lyrics?

The main claims to the game are known. First of all, Darksiders III from a technical point of view, really imperfect. Especially on the PlayStation 4, which in itself is already surprising — usually these kinds of claims are made against the computer version, and here everything is more or less normal with it.

On the "curling" there are "friezes", for someone the game crashes or hangs up all the sound in the system, graphic artifacts are noticeable. Well, in general, the picture is not ice.

After this, you may get the impression that here we almost have a horror movie in the spirit of the PC start version. Batman: Arkham Knight. But actually it is not — Darksiders III even on the PS4 is more than playable. I was just playing the game on this platform (on the usual, not on the Pro) and I never thought about quitting because of some technical problems.

I did not have a single departure, but the sound did not “hang”.

Yes, in one place where there was a lot of fire and hot, as in hell, there was a “frieze”, there were also loads of surroundings. Graphic artifacts, or rather, exactly one, in the form of a bluish strip, when you run around the corner, I noticed only after I read about it in an article on one of the sites. That is, in the dynamics it is not visible, unless you are an employee of some Digital Foundry.

All this, of course, does not justify the authors, who should really have better polished the game, but also to say that Darksiders III downright suffering from technical problems and unplayable, impossible.Darksiders III game reviewThis is what is called “Fury so gushing”!

Post-apocalyptic beauty

Picture in Darksiders III, may not be the best in the industry, but on the whole quite juicy and expressive. The videos are still full of chic angles, branded for a series of pathos, brutality and megalomania in the spirit of Warhammer (if the sword, then half the hero). Some say that the locations turned out gray, monotonous and too modern — some dilapidated streets of cities, where many runs through narrow rooms and corridors.

But even here I disagree. I played enough Darksiders III much more than two starting hours and saw completely different locations, and not just the corridors and rooms of dilapidated buildings. These are huge underground tunnels, caverns twined with greenery, and dead swamps shrouded in mist, trimmed with giant bones of some monster, and a huge (again) museum, in the middle of which stands a Tyrannosaurus skeleton the size of a three-story house.

Having run through the same seemingly filled with broken auto streets of the city, you can reach the radiant Gothic beauty of the church, where, having destroyed the floor of a huge chandelier, you will fall into a gloomy crypt, and from there — into caves, tunnels and the devil knows where else. Or run out onto the huge tree trunk that goes up, where you want to stop, look down, feel breathtaking, and take another pack of screenshots, which are already nowhere to put. AT Darksiders III a large and diverse world, which gradually opens up more and more new locations, and each of them has its own zest, its own design or architectural chic.

Darksiders III game reviewThe horsewoman of the Apocalypse, the angels and the police car are quite an ordinary situation for this setting.

Dark Souls again

Preserving the gameplay basis of the series, the authors added to it. Dark souls. Battles have become more difficult, with a bet on evasion, and souls collected from enemies (they are both currency and experience points) after death remain at the scene of Fury's death — while she, killing all those revived enemies, does not come running back to return them.

Here, it would seem, it is that new (for the series) idea, which is so lacking. But for that Darksiders III immediately got a hat. Although no one is particularly indignant when the authors do Nioh, The surge or every second two-dimensional indie action.

Too unusual for an "old school" slasher? This can just be called a new look and trend. Too hardcore for a series of fights, where even on a low level of complexity can they kill with a couple of punches? Yes, especially at first.

The game from the start carries out shock therapy and within five minutes after the start Rage confronts the first boss, Envy, one of the seven Mortal Sins that she has to overcome. To go through this fight from the first or second time, oh, how difficult it is — right here I just had the idea to throw the passage to hell. But in fact, as soon as you understand how and with what timings the “boss” attacks, according to what principles local acrobatics work, everything becomes much simpler. Yes, in the combat system, not everything is perfect — the difficulty is largely twisted because of the inability to cancel an already running animation and too short an “invulnerability time” when leaving the attack. Therefore, evasion should be carried out very precisely, memorizing timings.

Darksiders III game reviewThere are plenty of epic species.

The benefits of properly growing hands

I agree, there are flaws in the "boevka". But look how some streamers famously and beautifully fight on the “hard” (I initially played on the “balanced” difficulty), and you will understand that this is not a game in which you constantly suffer and die. On the contrary, fights look very impressive. It is necessary to adapt, act precisely and rely not only on evasion — there are enough tools and besides them.

Properly use splinters with different beneficial effects, conduct combos (of which there are many), soar into the air, turn on the “form of chaos” and special skills when anger accumulates.

That is, a lot depends on straight arms. This is also true of acrobatics. At first, I also suffered during the difficult gymnastic exercises of the heroine, not understanding, for example, how to make a double jump in the “fiery” form of Rage (and there are many such forms — they give different possibilities and weapons). But as soon as I understood, all the problems disappeared at once, and the acrobatics, then, as famously Rage sipet on his whip through the abyss, even began to bring aesthetic pleasure.

But the camera here and in battles does not always behave adequately.

Others, having not understood, begin to blame the game for what is not. For example, they paint for a long time how bad the acrobatics are here on the example of the fact that, well, we should jump over the bones of a tyrannosaur in the above-mentioned museum. In fact, you need to jump on it in a completely different way — soaring into the air on a whip.

And this example is very indicative of "criticism" Darksiders III.

Overcome and win!

And to survive, you need to pump your Fury. The fact that checkpoints are very often too far apart (although this is not always the case, especially at later stages) is both a gift and a curse Darksiders III. Yes, again and again to run through the crowds of revived enemies to the place of their death or to a rendezvous with the "boss" — nervously. On the other hand, it allows you to save even more souls and invest them in improving the characteristics of the main character — health, as well as the level of physical and magic attacks. Darksiders III game reviewSometimes even Rage falls.

And don’t believe it if they say it is a useless thing. Plus 10-15% damage per point of skill — it is useless, right? I personally became convinced of the opposite after the 20th level began to more calmly fight on the hard.

They also say that pumping is primitive. There is an opportunity to develop not only the characteristics, but also the weapon, and by two parameters — just increase the amount of damage, as well as insert special stones, and then further improve them with angelic or demonic artifacts that symbolize alternative branches of development and give completely different effects. Given that the types of weapons in the game are not one and not two, but the number of slots, as well as artifacts for pumping, is limited, this is not at all primitive.

In fact, Darksiders III — the game is rough, difficult, it makes you pump, think how to improve and use, save souls (there is always something to spend), collect or buy fragments and artifacts, learn to effectively and effectively fight, even compelling to think about some riddles. In short, play and overcome, and not look out for graphic artifacts or non-existent problems in acrobatics. Overcome, so you get sincere pleasure when you realize that you really have become stronger. Or when you get new weapons and new features to get into previously inaccessible places. After all, there are new epic locations, plot twists, funny wrangles with the Observer, strong enemies and cool "bosses".

Darksiders III game reviewBoth the “bosses” and the Rage are perfectly sarcastic! *** As you understand, I sincerely recommend Darksiders III. It just all depends on how, who and under what angle it perceives. If you are a fan of the series and in general a connoisseur of complex slashers, then you will most likely love this action game and sincerely rejoice that the series has been revived. If you were waiting for some kind of violent breakthrough, revolution, fashion trends or an emphasis on a complex plot, then you simply made a mistake with the game.

Just do not say that she has a self-determination crisis. Everything is fine with her orientation in the game space: it's all the same Darksiders, which has always been a collection of different ideas, served with a sauce of corporate identity. Only this time they added it. Dark souls.

And this is generally good. Although certain changes in the combat system and the layout of the "checkpoint" would not hurt …

Pros: charismatic heroine; cool bosses; fascinating, difficult battles; interesting world that you want to explore; different weapons and forms of the main character, which are needed to solve puzzles and pass to new places; plot with its intrigue; chic videos; expressive music and dubbing.

Minuses: there are technical flaws; the combat system and camera are not ideal; “Checkpoints” are often too far apart.

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