Darksiders III: Location of All Essentials of the Chosen (additional bosses)

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The essence of the Chosen is another desired item that can be found in Darksiders 3. It is used for the maximum upgrade of improvements inserted into weapons. In total, the game can find 12 such improvements, and we will tell about them in a separate manual. Each of them gives active and passive skills.

You can pump them in one of two directions, using either demon artifacts (active skill) or angels artifacts (passive skill).

The first improvement requires two artifacts, the second four, the third six. In total, 12 artifacts of demons are spent on full pumping of active skill, and passive — 2 artifacts of angels. But after that, the improvement can be pumped to the maximum, which will allow to slightly increase the previously enhanced skill, and also to maximize the second skill, which you did not improve. For example, if you pumped the fully active “Leviathan” skills, then when using the Essence of the Chosen one, slightly increase the active and from the zero to the maximum level, you will pass the passive skills. At the same time, along with the Essence of the Chosen will have to give 12 artifacts of angels.

If a passive skill were pumped through, then with the Essence of the Chosen I would have to give up 12 artifacts of demons.

In total, you can find five Favorites — additional bosses, the destruction of which drops out the essence of the Favorites. One more Essence of the Chosen can be bought for 5000 souls of souls after you deal with Pride, the penultimate boss of the game. She will appear in the range of products of Vulgrim.

Attention! To unlock the secret achievement «Balance All Things», you will need to pump up to a maximum of five weapon upgrades. The number of artifacts of angels and demons is limited, so check out our guide to finding improvements, and then choose five of them that you would like to raise to the maximum level. This should be done in a single pass! Artifacts of demons and angels can be found in the most unusual places in the game world, as well as bought from Wulgrim for 2000 souls lurers.

The number of artifacts in the range of Vulgrim is limited. At the same time, the assortment is updated after the destruction of each of the Mortal Sins.


Darksiders 3: the location of all Essentials Favorites (additional bosses)


We will indicate it first, since you never miss Groc. After receiving the latest form of Fury, you will find yourself in the Scar mining area. Take the right route to the meeting place with Anger.

When you move on coal bowls the second time, you will have to go through the upper room on the left side. In this spacious room is Groc. After defeating him, Rage will receive the first (in our article) Essence of the Chosen.

Fiery Guard

Darksiders 3: the location of all Essentials Favorites (additional bosses)

Fiery Guard.

However, the first Essence of the Choice, which you can pick up in the first quarter of the game, is located at the Hell location. When you destroy the Wrath in the first battle, you will find yourself in the chambers of the Lord of the Void. He will reward you with the form of Fire.

After receiving it, go up the stairs and burn the orange web. Walk along the lava, jump up twice using a double jump, and click on the button in the floor. When the wall turns, go into the niche and find yourself in a room with a pedestal.

Hit the sword and move under the raised grille. When you hit the next sword, the wall will rise to the right. Do not rush to go there, but move past the sword and the wall to a standstill. Destroy the vases and bones on the left side to find the hole. Get into the secret room and pull the lever.

Go back, go back in the opposite direction of the sword and find the passage to the right. Move along it, go up the stairs and meet the Fiery Guard. Thus, this boss can be found as you progress through the game.

Salvage Book Guard

Darksiders 3: the location of all Essentials Favorites (additional bosses)

Damaged Book Guard.

The next Chosen One, whom you can meet consistently after the Fiery Guard, is the Corrupted Book Guard. When you deal with Lust and go up the purple crystals on the wall, move this route to the purple stones on the metal stairs. Behind them is the tail of the Kraken, with which the symbiosis of Gluttony supports.

Before you go up the stairs, look at the acid river on the right. Climb over it, using the form of a storm and the flow of wind. In this direction, you moved beyond the lump of adamantine, which we described in a separate manual.

After killing the enemies, destroy the purple stones on the left and enter the building. Get out of it through another opening, push the cobblestone inside the next building, close to the wall, on which you can jump in a fiery form. Do this, pick up the artifact at the top and hit the mushroom so that it falls down to the acid river.

Jump after the mushroom, beat it to the right side, to the visor of the building that you passed through before. Use the mushroom to jump up and enter the building. There is a person on the second floor, and with the help of a container you can climb into the upper cabin where the Salvage Book Guard is waiting for you.

Cursed Templar

Darksiders 3: the location of all Essentials Favorites (additional bosses)

Cursed Templar.

This additional boss can be found in the «Depths» when Rage follows Gluttony, who has stolen the talisman. Wait for the moment when you find yourself in a huge flooded cave, where you will need to find a sword and open the lattice in the far part. On the opposite side of this lattice, there is a flooded building on the side.

Dive under the water, go inside this building and kill electric fish.

On the left is a closed grille, and on the right are two columns with swords. Activate both swords with a minimum pause (remember to use the Shift key) to raise the grid. Swim through it, climb up and in the form of a power ball, follow the violet path above.

She will lead you into the room with the Cursed Templar.


Darksiders 3: the location of all Essentials Favorites (additional bosses)


You will only find this extra boss after you have collected all the forms of Rage. You will need a form of peace, while the enemy is located at the very beginning of the game. Move to the first pedestal of the Vulgrim — «The Western End», enter the nearest building and turn right. In addition to staircases without steps, there is an elevator shaft with ice walls. Jump on them in the form of peace, to be upstairs and find an artifact of angels.

There are purple stones on the wall. In the form of a power ball, navigate through them to the right room, where the Agony awaits you.

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