What is the best currency for trading?

If we are talking about digital currency, it is always difficult to analyze the market and to predict which coins will be most popular. It should be noted that the bitcoin rate will grow, but Bitcoin mining directly requires large capital investments. Therefore, if you suddenly decide to produce new BTCs, then be prepared for a complex and expensive process.

It is worth investing in Litecoin and Namecoin — their rate is steadily growing, and these coins are very convenient for converting to bitcoin. You should also pay attention to Darkcoin — it was promised to improve. Etherium is a dark horse in the world of crypto currency, because in 2016 there was a real boom in projects related to it. Therefore, it is also worthy of attention in terms of production.

For those who have just started mining and do not want to get burned, it’s worth paying attention to Dogecoin. This crypto currency has appeared relatively recently. It is great for those who want to distance themselves from criminal associations associated with bitcoins.


Today, the mining of crypto-currencies is considered one of the most good ways to earn money for people who have long made the computer world not only their hobby, but also their profession. If you are interested in the world of electronic money, and you know which crypto currency is better to collect, then this method of additional income is for you.

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