The largest exchange crypto-currency

To begin the review devoted to such an urgent topic as the earnings on the exchange of crypto-currencies follows from the fact that people, especially those who are just starting their way in this field should carefully choose the place where they will carry out financial transactions. It is best not to rely on the Russian «maybe», but to use only the best crypto-currencies, existing for a single year and enjoying the maximum confidence of customers. To such exchanges, for example:

  • MT Gox is an exchange that was not originally conceived as a stock exchange online. It was used as a service where cards for the game Magic the gathering were sold, it was thanks to this that the service received such a name. Now this is the largest and most profitable online crypto currency exchange, offering the exchange of crypto-currencies for fiat money. You can access the exchange at
  • Exchange crypto-currencies, a list of which today has a fairly large number of sites, I would like to continue with the site This resource is registered in Bulgaria, but developed by Russian programmers, so the entire interface is presented in Russian. The exchange exists since 2011 and in 2013 due to a sharp rise in prices entered the top-4 of the best stock exchanges for trading in crypto currency. Exchange users note attractive design, simplicity and convenience of the interface, as well as quite wide opportunities for currency entry due to agreements with partners from different payment systems. The pluses of this resource can be attributed also to the fact that today it is one of the few exchanges of crypto-currencies with a withdrawal in rubles.
  • is a stock exchange where you can exchange a dozen different foreign currencies and denominations. Among many others, I chose this one, because I consider it to be the most convenient and reliable. Therefore, I recommend it to you.

The above-mentioned largest and most popular crypto-currency exchanges are in great demand not only in Russia but also in neighboring countries.

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