How to Trade in Exchange Currencies

In order to understand how to trade the Crypto-currency on the exchange without losses, it is necessary to distinguish several types of work in crypto-currency trading:

  • Classic trading, repeating strategies in the stock and currency markets.
  • Arbitration between crypto-exchange exchanges.
  • Investment of funds at the start (or before the start) in the project for forex or fork.
  • Work with derivatives (derivatives) Bitcoin.
  • Work on PAMM accounts.

To date, arbitrage between exchanges has practically lost relevance, despite the huge number of automatic trading systems working in this direction.

Working with forks at the very start is quite a high-risk business, fraught with both great opportunities and big losses. In addition, guaranteed success in this type of trade is possible only if there is insider information, which is usually questionable and not always legal.

Legal information on promising forks can be found on thematic forums — in the official topics of new crypto-currencies, where users can draw a description of a particular coin and thanks to properly submitted information and visible advantages, they will start buying it. The main source of such information is the forum, but when information appears in wide access, it is already losing relevance.

Since stable and serious work with large volumes for beginners in forks will not work, only crypto-currency trading remains, which completely repeats the principles of ordinary currency or stock markets, as well as work with Bitcoin derivatives, the simplest example of which is working with CFDs (contracts for difference) on Platform MetaTrader 4.

Crypto-currency exchanges operate like ordinary stock and currency exchanges. An experienced trader needs to spend a little time studying the features to get started in the new conditions, and the beginner risks no less than playing the lottery. In order to quickly learn and not get a serious loss, beginners in crypto trading should learn and understand two or three simple strategies that can be applied to any of the existing exchanges.

Important Tips

If you see that the price of crypto currency in a pair is growing, do not be tempted to buy as much currency as possible. If you bought the currency at the peak of its growth, consider that you have gone into the negative for a long period of time. This is fired by many novice players.

If it so happened that you bought a crypto currency at one price, and the price fell, and for a long time does not want to grow, then in this case I recommend not to rush to panic in a panic at a lower cost.

Literally a few days ago there was a similar situation. It was necessary to struggle with emotions and a temptation to sell (being afraid of even greater falling). Our trade has turned into 11 hours of waiting.
The price neither could grow, but I was placed an order at the price that suits me, so as not to go into minus and earn something. A pier — be, that will be!

As a result, the price jumped at one point, the currency was bought — the money returned unharmed. About 500 thousand satash were earned. Although the sum of the bet was equivalent to 200 Gh / s on the cloud-based mining of HashNest; Having invested in the purchase of capacity that much, I would hardly have been able to blame 500k satosh for a day — and then such a result in 12 hours.

The article is in the translation stage, and is still being updated. I’m sorry for the mistakes. Good reading.