How to buy Ethereum crypto currency

In the last year a lot of disputes are being carried out about the already familiar protocols Bitcoin 2.0. We are talking about unique cryptographic networks, which were originally created with the support of Bitcoin. However, this technology was later used much more widely. Today, «Bikoin 2.0» is not just a cryptographic currency.

Ethereum is a unique payment system that works with crypto currency, which was developed specifically for decentralized applications and smart contracts. The main goal of the creation of the Etherium is to refine the concepts of metaprotokols, altkomins and scripting, to combine these concepts and to enable everyone to create unique decentralized applications that will be characterized by sufficient completeness, scalability, and ease of development.

Ethereum achieves such opportunities by creating the simplest basic platform with a built-in programming language that will enable everyone to create arbitrary rules for conducting transactions, rules of ownership, arbitrary functions. Note that even the popular enough idea of ​​Neymkoyn crypto currency on the Ethereum platform can be spelled out with a code that takes only two lines.

Who created the Ethereum system

You will be surprised, but Ethereum has developed a unique child prodigy, which in 2013 was barely 20 years old. The name of the guy with supernatural abilities is Vitaly. He himself was born in Russia, but from six years he lived with his parents in Canada, where he worked on his own developments.

Vitaliy Buterin is interested in rebuilding the entire Internet system on the principles of Bitkoyn, helping network users create their own crypto currency.

Vitaliy Buterin is a true genius, whose image is so popular today in business. At one time he became the winner of numerous contests and olympiads in programming and mathematics, and three years ago he created a platform that will henceforth enable the development of Internet projects in a fundamentally new way. It’s surprising that the seemingly utopian idea of ​​Vitali really did work.

What does the Ethereum system offer to each user?

With the use of the platform, it is possible to ensure the reconstruction of any computing process on the network based on the principles on which Bitcoin exists today and is actively developing. In fact, these are unique network services, for which there is no need to provide data storage, services for computing. They are absolutely transparent for conducting transactions of any kind. And most importantly, they can not be hacked. In addition, users can create their own currency in the Ethereum system.
Of course, this would all sound too unrealistic, but Ethereum, with its own principles, could already generate over $ 15 million for its development. And this is not an ordinary investment, but a fundamentally new way of financial arrangement, which the industry could later use.

How to register an Ethereum purse

There are several fairly simple ways to register a wallet in the payment system Ethereum. One of them is offered on the web-resource After you go through the link, you will need to come up with an individual password and click the «Generate» button.

The second reasonably affordable and fast way to register a purse is to use the Crypto-Currency Exchange — BLEUTRADE or Poloniex. You will need to register and authorize at the stock exchange, then select the «Deposits» tab in your interface. The currency Ethereum will be in the list of Crypto-currency. Select it from the list and click the Generate button. After that, the program will automatically generate a personal Ethereum address for you. To create a purse, you will need to use this address. All payments will be directed to him. Its currency, Ethereum, you can later exchange for another crypto currency or send to the purses of other participants in the Ethereum system.

There is another way to register a wallet. For it you will need to download to your computer and install the GUI wallet for Ethereum program, placed on the official website of the payment system. However, please note that downloading on the PC will need all the blocking «Eferium» (this is about 4.5 gigabytes).

How to buy an Etherium crypto currency

To make a purchase of the Ethereum CTP, you need to register on the exchange’s website and replenish your bitcoin purse created during registration. The Exchange provides Bitcoin-address, to which the virtual currency is transferred.

Through the Balances tab, you can add funds to your wallet by selecting the deposits & withdrawals option. In the search filters, you can mark the function «search PTS», which will help speed up the process of finding a personal Bitcoin-address. The address is copied and a certain amount of bitcoins is transferred.

In the Exchange tab, in the menu, select the ETN / VTS pair for the etherium purchase. The trading dynamics chart will appear, where you can evaluate the preliminary terms of trade and market development. Under the schedule there are three blocks, one of which is responsible for the purchase of ETN, the second for the software of the announced trades, and the third for the sale of the etherium.

In the first block, enter the amount of the virtual currency you want to buy. Below you will see 2 windows with offers for trading pairs at the moment from registered exchange sellers of crypto currency.

The article is in the translation stage, and is still being updated. I’m sorry for the mistakes. Good reading.