Crypto-currency — how to make money without investments

Recently, more and more popular on the Internet is the question of what is the crypto currency and how to make money without investing with it. This new currency is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world. Its cost changes almost daily. But on the average one bitcoin costs from 60 to 200 dollars. This currency is very young and unstable. It began to develop in 2009. But already enjoys great popularity in many countries, including the countries of the post-Soviet space.

In the Internet almost every day there are sites that provide an opportunity to earn crypto-loans bitcoin without attachments. And this is done in fairly simple ways. Typically, this is the capture of captcha or viewing ads. So with such tasks, even a schoolboy will cope. You just need to figure it all out. Residents of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus can, on a special exchanger, earn the beatcoins in the form of a local currency on a bank card (the service is very simple, after registering go to the section «user’s guide» and read how to output bitcoins to the bank card).

In order that quickly to earn bitcoins of crypto currency without investments it is necessary to register a purse of bitcoins and then register on sites that represent the opportunity to earn bitcoins without attachments. As a rule, the number of the bitcoin purse will be the login on the sites for the production of this currency. Crypto-currencies — how to make money without investments. The whole truth is here. Below are placed the verified links, which will make it possible to earn capital without contributions:

FREEBITCO.IN — make money without investments

One of the most simple and profitable sites for the production of this currency. Site checked. Payments are automatic, once a week. To get bitcoins, you just need to enter the captcha. True it is available once an hour, but they pay for each input pretty good.

The site takes money from advertising, which is very much on it. So money will always be, there is nothing to fear.

There is also a lottery on the site, with which you can win the bitcoins, but I do not advise newcomers to flattery.

When registering, the login is the address of your bitcoin wallet (it is located at the bottom of the main page of your account). Everything else is elementary.

BOXBIT.CO.IN — make money without investments

Very interesting site, distributes bitcoins in a game form. You can get from 31 to 10000 stoshi every 10 minutes.

Very simple registration (entering the address of your wallet).

For earnings, click «Select box». You will be offered a choice of chests. Click on one of them. If the quantity of satosh suits you, press the «green button» If not, you are given a second attempt — press the yellow button and make a second attempt. After that, click «next» at the top and enter captcha.

CLAIMBTC — make money without investments

Recently appeared, but already had time to prove itself as one of the best projects to earn bitcoins, crypto currency without investments. You can get the crypto currency for free here three times an hour. The site gives bonuses to active currency collectors. The more often you go, the more you get Satosh.

If you work on the site every day, then the payment will be twice as much.
They pay quite boldly — to beginners from 200 Satoshi. If you work constantly, then payment reaches 400 Satoshi for 20 — 30 minutes.

Payment must be ordered manually. When 20,000 Satoshi is typed, go to the profile and order the withdrawal.

TAKEFREEBICOIN — make money without investments

The site is almost complete analog CLAIMBTC. All the same. After a typical registration for such sites (in the login you need to insert the address bitcoin purse, which is at the bottom of the page of your account), you can immediately begin to extract the currency. You just need every 20 to 30 minutes. To introduce captcha. For one input is given about 180 to 300 Satoshi.
The conclusion is manual starting from 20000. It is very easy to collect such amount with such payments. Everything works and is checked personally.

BTCCLICKS — make money without investments

On this site you can quickly earn bitcoins in a way that resembles earnings on clicks. That is, looking through advertising. Also, who wants here you can advertise your resources, paying advertising with beatcoins.

In order to start receiving bitcoins after registration, go to the «Surf Ads» section and browse the ads. Everything is very simple. The resource is one of the best for mining this currency.

MOONBIT.CO.IN — make money without investments

Just a simple site that gives you the opportunity to get bitcoins without attachments. All you need is just to enter the captcha. Satoshi rush in time, you can shoot at least every 5 minutes. But it will not be enough to run. Therefore, the most ideal way to get bitcoins is to go to this resource 3-4 times a day, enter captcha and get Satoshi.

Output automatically once a week. The minimum sum is 5500.

Reviews about the crypto currency and how to make money without investments

Most of the inhabitants of the Internet universe are very skeptical about the new world currency, but knowledgeable traders and people looking far «ahead» are sure that the future is behind the crypto currency. And even in spite of its unstable position on the market and a regular price fluctuation, the opportunity to earn and even earn stably is possible without investments with the help of crypto currency.

The article is in the translation stage, and is still being updated. I’m sorry for the mistakes. Good reading.