Crypto currency exchange without commission

When searching for options for outputting bitcoin to the hryvnia or ruble, options for exchanging other electronic currencies and then transferring them to cash were also considered in passing. Also, DOGECOIN exchange transactions were selected. It turned out that there are a lot of exchangers and even exchanges working with crypto-currencies, but it’s worth noting that there are a lot of ill-wishers and «swindlers» too.

The difference between the exchange and the currency exchanger

The exchanger differs from the exchange by the fact that the managers of the exchanger exhibit an average rate, and on exchanges it is possible to change the live rate, i.е. You can catch a more profitable rate both for buying and selling a currency. In addition, on the stock exchanges lots are exhibited by the same bidders as you. On the exchange, crypto and other currencies are set in advance for internal accounts. And only after confirming their receipt they can be changed further. Exchangers are waiting for the receipt of the currency and only after that the exchanger transfers to you the chosen currency, at the rate for the current moment, and not at the moment of the beginning of the transaction, i.e. The amount of receipt may differ. This should be taken into account in any transactions with crypto-currencies.

It is also worth noting that for any transfer operations, the crypto currency is considered normal waiting for 2 to 20 minutes of confirmation from other servers that the payment is not fake, i.e. The exchange operation is not instantaneous.

The rules for the selection of suitable candidates are as follows:

  • Trusted site
  • Low commission
  • Small waiting time for exchange or output
  • Absence of a fixed payment for an operation
  • The minimum amount of exchange is from $ 1 or 0.01BTC

Exchange and exchangers bitcoin and dogecoin for dollars or other customary currencies

Some exchangers plyusuyut fixed amount to the percentage of the exchange and the amount can reach several dollars. I selected the most reliable and comminative commission for the exchange.

The better to use — everyone will decide for himself. I can only suggest that if the exchange needs to be done urgently, it is better to use the online exchanger: much less time is spent, but the exchange rate is disadvantageous. If there is a time reserve and the greatest benefit is important and there is less loss in the exchange, then definitely — the Exchange!

Exchange exchanges take place in 3 stages:

  • We introduce on the internal account a crypto currency, which we want to sell or exchange
  • We apply for exchange at a convenient rate for us or change at the current exchange rate
  • After a while we go in and withdraw from the internal account another received currency to the bank or a crypto account.

By the way, you can buy and sell Crypto-currencies on the exchange and make good money on it — all you have to do is see the pairs, see a live chart of exchange rate changes. Commission for the very operation of the exchange, as a rule, is minimal!

EXMO.COM exchange purchase and sale of BITCoin, LiteCoin, DogeCoin crypto currency for rubles

The EXMO exchange is oriented on the input-output of crypto-currency for rubles through Russian banks, or through other electronic currencies.

It also has a direct exchange section for BITCOIN, DOGECOIN, LITECOIN, etherium, Dash-coin at the set exchange rate and exchange section at the exchange rate. Exchange directions from / to OKPAY, PAYEER, QIWI, WEBMONEY, AdvCash, Perfect Money, plastic cards (small amounts are not profitable!), To telephone accounts of mobile operators MTS, Beeline, Megafon are supported.

Exchange operations on the EXMO exchange are carried out instantly, while the input and output operations are from «instantly» to several hours, depending on which payment system is being operated. As in any exchange, the exchangeable currency must be transferred from its purse to the internal account of the exchange in advance and then changed-traded. All operations on I / O currencies are made in the «Wallet» menu. There, depending on the operation, you can get information about the order and limits of I / O, as well as the number of purses for replenishment of crypto-currencies.

More recently, EX-CODE internal exchange codes have been added — they can be generated and sold (in fact — withdrawn or exchanged) through authorized exchangers with a minimum commission.
For some regions of Russia, the link does not open. Use the backup EKSMO link.

Exchange bitcoin-obmen — buy / sell Bitcoin, BTC-E, Dogecoin through the cards of Privatbank, Privat 24

Bitcoin-obmen — Ukrainian exchanger Bitcoin and Dogikoin. Admins offer highly profitable courses on the introduction / withdrawal of crypto currency Bitcoin, BTC-E, Litecoin, Dogiecoin through cards and accounts of Privatbank. The exchanger does not require registration. At the exchange stage, there is SSL protection. Currency exchanges are fast enough from 5 to 30 minutes, but here again depends on the time of receipt of confirmation from bitcoin.

In general, all user actions are simplified as much as possible. The withdrawal to the Privatbank card in hryvnia passes quickly, the withdrawal to dollar accounts is not provided.

Exchange XChange-is — exchange and withdrawal of Bitcoin, BTC-E for rubles

XChange is a very well maintained exchanger with good currency reserves. It can be seen that administrators take care of their «brainchild», work is underway to add new directions for exchange, commission is being optimized. At the moment, you can also exchange for Perfect Money, Yandex money, QiWi, Payeer, OKPay. The Xchange exchanger is open 24 hours.
Checked the exchanger in person — the exchange of BTC to Perfect Money took 20 minutes. All steps were accompanied by information letters to the registration mailbox — conveniently.
\ The main activity guide is the input-output of the currency for rubles through the accounts of Russian banks. The list of available banks — Sberbank, Alfa Bank, VTB24, Russian Standard, Vanguard, Gazprombank.

Exchange Changer — directions BTC, DogeCoin, Eterium, PM, AdvCash, Payeer

Changer — this online exchanger has been operating since 2009 and offers exchange of Crypto-currency for other currencies, as well as reverse exchange. Exchange rates are very profitable and dynamic, that is, they change according to market rates. A round-the-clock online exchange of crypto-currencies for the following electronic currencies is available: Perfect Money, OKPAY, Payeer, AdvCash. Exchange is on 2-3 confirmations — it’s fast enough. I changed the «doji» — within 10 minutes there were all the confirmations and the amount of exchange came to the purse. All operations are accompanied by notifications on the E-mail registration.
In the exchanger operates a system of cumulative discounts. Immediately after registration, a 5% discount is given, it is accumulative and with the growth of accumulated amounts of exchanges increases and the percentage of the discount to the maximum is 25% of the commission amount.
Important! There are a number of fraudulent sites that look very similar, but offer unrealistic courses — do not be fooled by them! The site-exchanger — is repeatedly checked.

The article is in the translation stage, and is still being updated. I’m sorry for the mistakes. Good reading.