Bots for Exchange Crypto-Currency

New technologies do not cease to amaze with opportunities. Every day there are convenient functions and options that make life much easier for us. Now it’s much easier to earn and transfer money — there are crypto-currencies that allow you to make almost instant and anonymous transfers with a minimum commission. This has greatly facilitated the lives of thousands of people around the world, in particular, freelancers. After all, it really allows you to save significantly on commissions, compared to the same Western Union.

True, bitkoyny, lightcoyne, doegoiny and many other crypto-currencies have appeared relatively recently, and it’s not so easy to buy something for them. Need an exchange — dozens of exchanges and exchangers provide this opportunity. Single money changers are also not lagging behind progress. The most secure messenger Telegram generally made the crypt closer to ordinary users, providing communication to sellers and buyers, through special bots, but most importantly — by starting to do it first, while WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and others twisted their noses.

Advanced user Telegrams are not just an amateur hanging out in unproductive chats. He has access to dozens of news channels devoted to crypto-currency technologies, exchanges that allow buying / selling bitcoins, etc., can create his wallet, and even write checks to users who do not have such wallets at all. You can look in the mini-school, designed to introduce the newcomer, who first encountered this topic. In general, the choice pleases.
And for the interaction with all this to bring maximum benefit — we have collected for you all the main features of the five best (in the author’s view) bots in the Telegram.

Service Telegram Crypto-Change Bot

Development of the Hong Kong company LGK POWER LIMITED includes three bots: @btc_change_bot, @ltc_change_bot and @doge_change_bot. The interface is the same — but they work with different crypto-currencies.

Just worth noting that this is not just a bot, but a whole service consisting of chats, exchanges and statistical channels. Therefore, at the moment it can rightly be called the main bot for working with the crypto currency in Telegram.

These are the three above-mentioned exchanger and two BTC-E exchanges trading in BTC-E codes:


Accordingly, they work with rubles and dollars. Probably, it’s worth taking a little digression and explaining why BTC-e codes exist. These are symbolic combinations in which the currency type and amount are encoded. Their rate is more stable, the codes can be quickly bought / sold and withdrawn back with a minimum commission. And most importantly, without knowing the address of the purse of the recipient, you can create such a code, send it to him, and he already cashes it in a convenient way for himself. The amount encoded in such code is, of course, fixed and can not be influenced by the BTC rate until the moment of cashing.

For you there are two chat rooms in Russian and English:

  •  @changebot_en
  •  @changebot_en

Here you can get a lot of useful information and ask questions about the bot and not only to other users. There are addresses in Telegrams of other similar chats and channels. In general, a well of useful information.

Assess the financial situation will help:

  • Notification Bot (@cryptoNoticeBot)
  • ChangeBotStat (@changeBotStat)

With their help in online mode, it’s easy to track transactions in Telegram Bot.

And the last bot of this service is The Bot of Wall Street (@getPriceBot). It provides an up-to-date exchange rate for 24 currency pairs. Convenient thing.


What is — this is another bot (@CryptoBitBot) for working with crypto currency. It allows you to keep track of:

  • Course (BTC-e and Poloniex exchanges) — immediately shows the bitcoin rate and the aether to the dollar. And also it is possible to enter manually any currency of interest, for example, 1 btc to rub or 1 steem to btc;
  • Graph — a graphical display of the movement of currency pairs (default is btc / usd);
  • Capitalization — immediately displays the total (in October 2016 stepped over 12 billion), and you can see the TOP currencies (at the time of writing, bitkoyn takes up more than 80% of the total volume) and separately the volume for each;
  • Exchange — a convenient way to quickly and profitably exchange the Crypto currency for Fiat and vice versa;
    Notification is an extremely convenient thing. You can set a mark lower or higher than the current exchange rate for any currency and receive an alert for growth or decline. For example, the following: notification of btc below 600 usd. The boat checks the rate every five minutes on the BTC-E and Poloniex exchanges;
  • Transactions — you can see the last 150 transactions on a particular currency on the BTC-E exchange.

Well, the last — Wallet. It is recommended to use only for intermediate operations.

And also — you can read the latest news of well-known online publications.


Bitkoyn not only allows you to increase material prosperity, but also helps to avoid unnecessary expenses, for example, for international calls. Here the Latvian-Canadian bot CallCoin from the company 120 minutes is an indispensable thing.

And call and pay can be completely anonymous. It is possible to choose the number that will be displayed on the phone of the called subscriber, and you can pay for communication by bitcoy or special code.

But about everything in order. The algorithm for using the bot is quite simple:

  1. You can find it at the address in the Telegram: @callcoinbot.
  2. Great, now you can enter the phone number to which the first dial-up will occur. Therefore, first the company dials in to the caller, and then connects with the called subscriber. Pleasant bonus: after binding the number, the bot triggers a personal account for the subscriber and gives 0.50 euro for «seeding.»
  3. Everything, it remains only to dial the desired number and chat for pleasure.
    You can add funds to the balance directly in the «Billing» section. The partner of the company «120 minutes» is the purse BitGo. Convenient function — the ability to create code for another user. To do this, in a private or general chat, enter @callcoinbot, space, and amount. The resulting code can be used at any time.

    The prices here are several times smaller than those of analogues — the easiest way is to study them in the section «Tariffs». Also available call log, balance check, number setting and information about the bot. More details can be found on the official website.


    Probably, this rather interesting bot will have to taste for many newcomers. After all, a fairly large volume of knowledge has been collected here to fill the initial gaps in knowledge. Further, only experience will make it possible to extract more or less serious profits from crypto-currencies. So what is this school?

    1. Basic information «About Bitkoyne is simple» — here you can see a short video about bitkoyne or a detailed analysis of the principles of its work, understand what can and can not be done with bitkoynom and any other crypto currency, download an archive with infographics visually representing all the features And the possibility of blocking, get links to the site and the largest forum
    2. Video — in this section there is both a full movie and short videos. There are already more than two dozen of them.
    3. Literature — several basic documents.
    4. Articles are short but informative materials.
    5. Applications — there are programs for iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac OS.
    6. Exchanges — more than a dozen websites that allow you to trade crypto currency. There are detailed descriptions for each and a link for registration.
    7. Repositories — a description of the two main wallets Coinbase and Blockchain.
    8. Course — links to monitoring sites for crypto-currencies
    9. Investments — a cloud mining service is proposed here, supposedly verified by the bot creator, but the author of the article does not guarantee it.
    10. Next, there are links with descriptions of the new Russian project Voice (analogous to Steemit), built on the basis of a blockbuster and allows you to earn money for your users, as well as a corporate messenger, a scheduler and a Slack mailer. For the latter there is a list of channels dedicated to crypto-currencies.
    11. Partners — the section offers you to get acquainted with the info channel on Telegrams (, which helps orient the traders in the difficult financial situation in the crypto-currency market.

In the last sections you can learn how to contribute to the development of the school: by deed, advice or coin. And also contact the bot developer.

The article is in the translation stage, and is still being updated. I’m sorry for the mistakes. Good reading.