Cliff Bleszinski abandoned the game for the sake of producing a Broadway musical

After the colossal commercial failure LawBreakers game designer Cliff Bleszinski (Cliff Bleszinski) closed his Studio and said that he no longer wants to engage in video games. But to sit idle Bleszinski is not going: he said that he was the producer of the Broadway musical.

Former developer shared the news in his Twitter. Bleszinski joined the production team of the show Hadestown and took the role of investor.

Hadestown is the story of how intertwined the two love stories. The first pair — young dreamers Orpheus and Eurydice, and the second Hades and Persephone. The plot is based on the myths of Ancient Greece.

Key founders of the musical — singer and songwriter Anais Mitchell (Anaïs Mitchell) and theater Director Rachel Chavkin (Rachel Chavkin).

To learn about how successful Bleszinski on a new front will be from March 22, 2019 — the day Hadestown will begin to show in the Walter Kerr theatre in new York.