Clash of Kings Secrets

Clash of Kings — a representative of multi-user urban strategies, requiring from the gaming audience significant patience, cold tactical calculation, the ability to work in a team and effectively use the resources to develop their own city. Sometimes, when entering the game, even an experienced strategist can become confused by the amount of new information, but within a decade or two, everything will fall into place.
For beginning gamers, it will be useful to know that the game is cross-platform: it can be played on devices based on Android, iOS, and also on the computer in the application for Facebook.

Remember! There are no workable cheats and versions of the game with an unlimited amount of resources.

All offers to buy or download the hacked version of the flops of kings — fraud and divorce!
The main resource in the game — gold, or as they call it — gold.

How to get gold for free

  • Enter the invitation code of another player
  • Use promotional codes that are sometimes published developed in honor of different events
  • Join the alliance (clan)
  • Bumper your twins farm