Cinematic platformer The Last Night is in a serious trouble

The Last Night  cinematic platformer, that was shown at E3 2017. He gained public attention with its spectacular appearance, but no substantial news about the game we haven’t heard in a very long time. As it turned out, the developers The Last Night from the Studio Odd Tales faced with quite serious problems.

Game Director Tim Soro (Tim Soret) shared the current state of Affairs in his «Twitter». He said that in 2018 Odd Tales survived the rise and fall. First, the team has increased two times, got a good office space in Central London, was able to significantly increase the budget The Last Night, developed the necessary framework code and came up with even more techniques for «hybrid three-dimensional pixel-art.»

But then Odd Tales launched a series of major business, legal and financial troubles, which the team can’t speak. In addition, it planned a new trailer for The Game Awards, but had to be cancelled.

— We encountered massive business, legal funding issues we can’t talk about.
— We had to cancel a new trailer of The Last Night at The Game Awards ????
— We’re currently raising funds, so get in touch:

— timsoret (@timsoret) December 31, 2018

Now Odd Tales seeking financing. In the comments under his entry on Twitter Litter says that may The Last Night go to crowdfunding. The team needs only two million dollars — not too much within the gaming industry.

Note that in the English part of the Network The Last Night accompanied by negative information background: some gamers have dug up old statements Litter and the thought that it makes the dystopia that has come from feminism. This description causes srachi discussions, for example, on the forum ResetEra where studios Odd Tales often, I wish you all the worst.

Litter says that radical activists are actually trying to kill the Studio and blacken The Last Night. And this involved not just a random angry users of Twitter or forum ResetEra, but also groups within the AAA companies, industrial associations and schools of game design. The scandal has complicated the situation is, however, likely is not the cause of current problems Odd Tales and The Last Night, considers Litter.

Immediately after the announcement The Last Night Litter apologized for his provocative statements, but it did not help: according to game Director, Internet trolls have laid down his version of the statements Litter, ascribe to him the words that he spoke, and now with gusto to discuss them.

PC, Xbox One

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