Cheats in Fallout 76 needs to write an essay about the dangers of the hacks that Bethesda has forgiven them

Bethesda punishes cheaters in Fallout 76 and even come up with their witty sentence. It’s a pity not all of the defendants agree that they are called cheaters.

Videobloger JuiceHead dug into the story of several people who claim that they are unjustly banned Fallout 76. According to developers, these people have violated the rules of use of the game, as he launched a «third-party application that gives an unfair advantage».

Bethesda ready to review the lock if banned write an essay on the topic «Why use cheat programs harm the online games community». Says JuiceHead, is not an isolated case: several people tell us that they were asked to do such «homework».

Further JuiceHead trying to figure out what banned players. Victims deny their guilt and say that you did not use Cheat Engine or other programs of this kind. Some add that they have a Cheat Engine installed but they don’t turn it on when running Fallout 76.

The process Cheat Engine is not hanging somewhere in the background: one of the interlocutors JuiceHead specially is checked.

Why trailer it to Cheat Engine? It is assumed that the anti-cheat Fallout 76 just checks to see if the computer memory of process cheatengine.exe (or other similar names).

However, bans can be for other reasons. Perhaps the developers Fallout 76 very sensitive to the mod that the game is already there. One of them, for example, have come up with during beta testing: — it is possible to see the correct location of the master key during a burglary.

In addition, gamers suspect Bethesda not like even a simple ReShade — add-on that changes the lighting and graphics in Fallout 76. It’s pretty harmless, but banned there are reports that they used such a mod.

Overall JuiceHead I can’t say how fair bans in this story. There is a possibility that the victims do not wish to confess to cheating because stretching the truth on their integrity. Maybe «actions in a recent match» really thought a few innocent heads.


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