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This year, Activision decided to continue its Call of Duty: Black Ops series with the release of the next, already fourth, part. In addition to the return of all your favorite and memorable characters, game mechanics appeared completely new to the franchise mode — the “royal battle” (Blackout). Up to 88 gamers will fight on one huge map.

The information below will allow you to briefly familiarize yourself with this mode. We tried to collect tips and tricks that will help both fans of the series, PUBG fans and similar games, as well as newcomers to the genre.

A few simple tips to get you started.

Below is a list of simple tips that we were only able to find in the numerous foreign and Russian Blackout forums.

Guide to the

Parachute container.

Map and movement

— The huge Welcome to Nuketown sign will tell you how many players are currently on the island.

— Moving along the lighthouse, pay attention to the fact that it has a very noisy metal staircase. Be careful, because the noise is likely to attract opponents.

— When immersed in water, when a character loses its supply of oxygen, after two seconds he begins to take significant damage.

— During the swim, you can click on the button / sprint key, thanks to which the main character will hide the gun and float much faster.

— “Iron Lung” is an excellent perk associated with movement in water, because it increases the time you can spend under water for another few seconds. In many situations, it can save your life.

— Many players have noticed that if you lower the camera down, the character speeds up even more during the run. After that, even if you lift the camera, the speed will remain as high as possible.

— The blue beam in the building indicates the presence of zombies.

“Every time an explosion happens, the zombies get a little stronger.”

— As in any other game in the “royal battle” genre, the doors of buildings in Blackout are closed by default. Thus, if you saw an open door, you can conclude that the building has already been cleaned, or there is another player inside. This method can be reversed: close the doors behind you and hide inside the house, waiting for your rival to enter here.

— If you have bandages and medicines, then at later stages of the game you can linger a little in the fog to attack unsuspecting opponents.

Gameplay Tips

— On consoles, you can simplify the process of taking loot. Instead of pinching a key, you can set a regular click.

— You can attract other players, throwing good weapons inside the building, closing the door. Drop the item where it would normally roll, then hide somewhere in the corner and wait for your opponent.

— If you need additional storage space for items, then pay attention to trucks with 20 slots.

— The flight mechanics of a bullet and other processes are close to reality, so do not forget that when firing from long distances, the bullet loses speed with time and begins to decline.

— Do not forget to use perks! Do not confuse Blackout with regular CoD story campaigns.

— Pay attention to the very useful skill Skulker, which allows you to move faster, squatting. Thus, you do not have to stand up to overcome long distances, so the enemy will be harder to detect your character.

— Do not forget to collect special items that allow you to perform a set of specific tasks to unlock new unique characters in Blackout. They can be found in containers, boxes of loot and even pick up from dead players or zombies.

— Special kits will allow you to increase the stock of HP to 200. Use them before engaging in firefights.

— Unlike many other games in the genre of «royal battle» in Blackout can be treated during the movement.

— Do not forget about the shelters, especially during the shootings. No need to run in the open, forgetting about protection.

— Use RC-XD, remaining in the shelter, to study the environment. Also a great way to track down opponents will be to find a reliable shelter with the subsequent use of weapons with a sight.

— You can shoot down planes with supplies using rocket launchers.

Guide to the

Still, the shootouts in Blackout look much more colorful and realistic than in PUBG.

Loot in the game is random, so do not look for weapons in the same place

Think twice before visiting the same place, trying to find a weapon previously found there. The Treyarch studio has confirmed that both the specific weapon itself and the places of their appearance in the game will be completely random. Therefore, you should try to travel to different regions of the game world and be ready to use different weapons.

Look at 360 degrees, especially when you land.

As with PUBG and Fortnite, Blackout needs to constantly monitor its surroundings. This is especially true of the moment when you just appear on the map and fly down. Keep track of how many players land in one direction or another relative to the trajectory of your flight, try to determine which side are buildings and other notable objects.

What you see in the first seconds of the game will determine the tactics of action in the next minutes.

During a fall from a height, try to choose such regions where fewer players land (and ideally do not land at all). If no one is around, then you will have plenty of time to search the nearest buildings and try to get the best equipment and weapons.

When searching for loot at all costs, avoid open areas.

Regardless of whether you are searching a huge cargo ship at the docks or exploring a zombie shelter, you should always avoid trying to pick up loot in large open areas. Not only do open spaces make you an easy target, but also to find any useful equipment in such places is almost minimal. Most often, good mining lies in or near buildings, and it is in these regions, by the way, that other gamers will flock.

Thus, during the landing, pursue two goals — look for a place where gamers do not land, and where there are different buildings.

Saw a bright blue ray in the sky — move in its direction to collect rare prey

If you are a fan of the Call of Duty zombie mode, then you should be familiar with this huge blue ray of light in the sky, which indicates the location of mystical boxing. Unfortunately, access to the contents of such a container will be very problematic, since all other players who wander nearby seek it, and the equipment itself is guarded by a horde of zombies, which must also be destroyed.

Mystical boxes in Blackout work a little differently: you do not need to pay to open a box inside which you can find many high-class items, including third-level armor and decent weapons, equipped with some of the best gadgets. You can also smile good luck, which will allow to get more rare items of equipment and weapons.

In most cases, mystical boxing will appear on the map at random, but very often this will occur in areas near zombie refuges.

Guide to the

In the game you can use different vehicles.

Backpacks bring enormous benefits.

In addition to searching for powerful weapons, you should try to get a backpack. Thanks to this equipment, you can increase the maximum amount of portable items from five (by default) to ten pieces.

If you do not have armor, then do not rush to engage in a shootout.

One of the biggest mistakes that Blackout players make is to try to fight without any equipment. Currently, gamers available armor three different levels. The higher the level, the better the protection, but the harder it is to find items on the map.

However, whether it is first or third level armor, it is very important to achieve your goals, as it increases the chances of winning in the entire session and reduces the risk of an unsuccessful collision with a specific player.

Healing is the key to survival

Healing is one of the important aspects of Blackout. Each player at the beginning of the session will have the same stock of health points — 150 units. You will need to look for items that will allow you to restore it after taking damage. Currently, medications are divided into three main types, which are useful for the regeneration of CP:

— First aid kits are characterized by rapid use and restore 25 HP. The most common medicines and can stack up to five pieces in one slot of inventory.

— Medical kits (medkity) restore 50 HP, but the treatment process takes more time.

— Traumaty increases the stock of health points up to 200 units (50 HP more than the default value). Such kits are less common and, unfortunately, cannot be folded in one cell. Each item requires a separate slot in the inventory.

You should always ensure that during a fight there are available first-aid kits that will allow you to quickly restore part of the CP stock and continue the firefight.

The importance of ranged weapons

The Blackout card is the largest in the Call of Duty series, so long-range weapons will play a key role. Try to find a weapon with optical triple or sniper sights. Having the ability to simultaneously carry two weapons at once, you should always try to defeat the targets, attacking them from a far distance.

Wingsuit will help get out of many difficult situations.

The costume with wings remains on you throughout the game session and can be used for safe jumps from high objects. For example, from a lighthouse or dam.

Whenever possible, always use silencers.

Silencers will allow you to attack opponents without giving out your position on the map. If you are lucky enough to find at least one such, then be sure to fasten it on the weapon. Do not forget that, on the other hand, the presence of a silencer reduces weapon damage.

Learn to use throwing weapons correctly.

Molotov cocktails, fragmentation grenades, flash drives should be used intelligently, not at random. In each situation, this or that object is useful. Do not attempt to undermine your opponents with a flash drive or a Molotov cocktail, since they do not act like ordinary fragmentation grenades and are designed for completely different situations: the first are for dazzling targets, the second are for crowding out opponents.

Special weapons and equipment can fundamentally change the game.

The main feature that few Blackout players seem to notice is the presence of specialized items that can be useful for successfully resolving the most difficult situations.

Currently, one of the best items that can be obtained in the game is a car-bait, very similar to the RC-XD. With it, you can explore the environment to find out where the opponents are, without giving out their own position. There are several types of weapons, but the most beautiful thing in all of this is that any character can use it, regardless of the specific specialization!

Discarded containers and caches — a source of rare prey

Dropped supplies and caches — a great way to find rare weapons, extra ammunition, first aid kits, armor, equipment, and even special items. Caches are hidden boxes that are often located inside numerous buildings scattered throughout the game map.

Supplies or drop boxes fall from the sky, landing on the ground with the help of parachutes. There is good loot inside them, but, as a rule, several players find them at once, so when approaching the container you need to proceed with caution. When interacting with any boxes and containers, you become vulnerable to enemy attacks, so before you do this, carefully inspect the surrounding area.

Blackout Shelters Should Be First

Do not be fooled: Blackout does not look like Fortnite, where you can build walls with your own hands in order to escape the incoming damage from flying enemy shells. For this reason, you must constantly think about finding cover. Despite the huge map and the numerous areas available for study, be on your guard: the fact that you have not seen other players around you for two minutes should not say that they really do not exist and you can cross open terrain without using shelter .

This is one of the biggest mistakes of many Blackout gamers.

If you need to move in open areas, then try to move between trees, buildings, and even try to stay in the shade. Anything that can hide your location just a bit will be a significant advantage.

It is best to use waiting tactics: do not climb on the rampage

Even if you feel the approach of the final victory, do not succumb to temptation and do not leave the shelter in order to catch your opponents off guard. Since the game map is huge, the later stages of the game are rather slow, so it is best to choose a waiting role.

Just keep the interior of buildings and try to detect your opponents so that they do not. This tactic does not suit everyone, but it still remains effective.

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