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Games on Lovecraft come out quite often, but the last one is really a big thing, even claiming to be a hit, appeared already thirteen years ago — we are talking about Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. Tandem Focus home and Cyanide — Of course, not the best couple in the world to correct this situation: we all know that the French often make mediocre games. But from Call of cthulhu many were waiting for a really good, powerful game …

Model for Pickman … and Sarah Hawkins

As in Dark Corners of the Earth, in new Call of cthulhu we play as a private detective. This time it's a former cop and WWI veteran Edward Pierce. Of course, it is difficult to call him healthy — the heavy burden of the past, depression, alcoholism make themselves felt, but still it is a professional, determined to investigate the mysterious death of the famous artist Sarah Hawkins and her entire family.

However, a trip to the remote island of Darkwater, which is near Boston, quickly puts everything in its place, and instead of a noir-detective story, we get a real painful and crazy horror Lovecraft. Walking along the coast littered with whales and pale green mist, visiting the gloomy mansion of the Hawkins, under which is found the lair of an ominous sect, procedures at a local psychiatric hospital headed by a sadist doctor, watching the terrible pictures of artist Sarah from which monsters literally jump out references to the story "Model for Pickman"), — all this adversely affects the mind of our brave detective story.

And now he sees alive those who died five minutes ago in front of his eyes, moves into the bodies of others, hears strange voices and does not really understand where it is, but where is the dream. Reality and visions are intertwined in a tight lump, and it is in this state that Edward Pierce must make a decision on which the fate of the world and his life depend.Call of Cthulhu game reviewShoot have exactly one episode.

Madness Ridges

In this case, we seem to have the opportunity to keep the mind of the hero in a more or less sane state. Periodically, the game confronts a choice whether to drink sleeping pills or not, read forbidden occult books or close them out of harm's way — this seems to affect the fate of the main character, his mind and the ending of the whole story.

But in fact, no matter what you decide, after certain plot events, Edward Pierce will still be in a state of psychosis, which will open up new remarks in the dialogues. But at the finale of all this sad history, such decisions are still reflected. It's just a pity that we feel their consequences by and large only at the end, where it all comes down to a purely mathematical calculation of one of the outcomes of the junction.

He got this role

In any case, the authors Call of cthulhu put (or pretend to put) on the nonlinearity and the role playing. The whole game is a horror ad for the candlestick with shots of action (very small, I must say), stealth, solving puzzles, dialogues and periodic choices about what to do next.

It is possible to penetrate the warehouse of the Hawkins family in different ways — try to deceive the guards immediately or first find a lonely house nearby, open the lock, find compromising material and use the good old blackmail. Escape from a bad place is also allowed in two ways — to short the strange apparatus, after activating several levers in different rooms, or to break the gas pipes to divert the attention of the guards.Call of Cthulhu game reviewThe levels in the hospital are the hardest and uncomfortable. Nonlinearity is only developing due to the fact that the game is largely based on the desktop system, which debuted in one thousand nine hundred and eighty-one, and offers to improve several parameters of the main character. With the help of "Eloquence" you can convince interlocutors in the dialogues, "Strength" allows you to press on them, break down or move some mechanism, as well as knock out the door if you can not open the lock.

Cthulhu fhtagn

Becoming an expert or a master in the "Search" (all parameters are pumped from "Lover" to "Master"), you will often find hidden objects. And this is important, considering that such indicators as “Medicine” and “Occult Sciences” are pumped through only the books found: they allow you to make a correct diagnosis and realize things hidden from others, and in the case of occultism, you also understand that means "Cthulhu fhtagn".

There are also "Psychology" and "Investigation". The latter is especially important — it not only enhances the skills of opening the locks, but also makes it possible to more effectively reconstruct events when, according to the plot, we need to understand what caused the fire in the Hawkins mansion or how the next murder happened.

Here, too, of course, the thought periodically slips that the pumping is done “for a tick” and has little effect on it. Well, it will not be possible to use in the dialogue "Eloquence", "Psychology" or "Force", so there will still be a public replica that will help move the plot further. But it is still better with a half-role-playing system than without it — so the gameplay becomes richer, there is a desire to explore the locations, think over the character development and play the role.

Call of Cthulhu game reviewPumping points are given out automatically after important plot events.

Whispering in the dark

As a result, the game, in spite of everything, keeps in suspense, retains intrigue and generally leaves a pleasant aftertaste — even if the graphics are not the most sophisticated here, but everything will end up, most likely, not in the most pleasant way. AT Call of cthulhu There are interesting riddles, and a simple stealth (you can even hide in cabinets!) competently alternates with research and intense scenes that make us, for example, quickly destroy the runes that hold the otherworldly monster in this world — in the process you have to use a flashlight, which slows down the enemy. Numerous dialogs are well written and always leave room for choice.

Finally, it is scary here and there — especially when we are wandering through the corridors of a mental hospital with a lamp. The light in it is gradually extinguished, at this moment a terrible whisper begins to be heard from the approaching darkness, and only when the lamp goes out completely … Brr. I really jumped a couple of times.

By the way, when Edward Pierce hides in the closet, finds himself in the dark or sees something unpleasant, the picture begins to blur, his breath quickens, and we literally feel the skin like a detective uncomfortable, scary and want to go home to the good old bottle of whiskey …Call of Cthulhu game reviewWhat is the game of Lovecraft without octopuses? *** Given the ambiguous reputation of the authors, Call of cthulhu could well turn into disappointment. But, thank the Elder Gods, this did not happen — we got a really great, the best game in recent years.

Lovecraft, adventure game at the junction of horror, quest, stealth and RPG, which accurately conveys the atmosphere of the works of the cult writer and at the same time offers a rich, diverse and sometimes non-linear gameplay.

Pros: interesting story; the exact atmosphere of the books Lovecraft; nonlinearity occurs; come across interesting puzzles; great work with sound.

Minuses: not the most modern graphics and animation; nonlinearity in some places seems to be blunt, and pumping doesn’t have much effect on that.

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