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It is clear, whence feet grow all those countless "roguelike", which is now the masses come out on Steam. But not many who are openly in their own games says Rogue either Diablo. But members of the Thing Trunk did it right: their Book of Demons is both a Declaration of love, and a sort of ironic look at Diablo, trying to imagine how she would look now, taking into account modern trends.

Of course, it would be a mix of "clicker", "bagel", a collectible card game, digitized paper "nastolki" and a hack & slash…

Why do we need a blacksmith?

Parallels with cult game Blizzard no one hides. The main hero (or heroine) after many years returns to his village and learns that she is suffering from a demonic invasion from a source that is under local Cathedral. It all began after the disappearance of the Bishop.

Choosing one of the three classical classes (of course, this is warrior, mage or Archer), we must repeatedly clean up the catacombs under the monastery, destroying the crowd of monsters, and descend lower and lower to the finals to break off the horns Arhidemona.

In the breaks you can return or teleport to the village to heal, to trade, to communicate, to pick up the award from the local Horadric cube (the more often you do it, the more expensive the following the use of pot) and something to improve. At the base we were met by familiar faces — elder, healer, innkeeper and the witch, she's a fortune teller.

Not enough unless the blacksmith, what the fortune teller says with a smile something in the spirit of "Imagine, heroes used to be traded with the blacksmith. This is some middle Ages! No wonder he went bankrupt".

But now, instead of weapons, armor and other belongings have magical cards that is trendy, modern, youth.

Card and then

Indeed, all of the items, and also active and passive skills in Book of Demons replaced cards. Initially available as a starter kit, and a new drop from defeated boss, open the chests and sarcophagi. Cards (and levels) are generated "randomly": most often found normal, but it may fall and some epic. Book of Demons review gameHere you can determine the size of the dungeon you want to go and approximately how much time it will spend. Very convenient!Some have to identify for some money from the elders.

And all are allowed to improve to use the runes is at the same time strengthens them and increases the cost of using mana points.

A lot of cards, and the number of slots under them is limited. New need to open a lot of money. So you have to think that it is better to put fire arrows or a map that increases the chance to avoid stun/critical damage/poisoning.

As more of the deck and the opening of new slots to active set can be changed and in every way to shuffle, and thus his fighting style and tactics of passing.

Paper soldiers

Action Book of Demons set in the Universe of Paper, pages of game-books, where there are no letters, but there are paper figures of monsters, chests and altars with red and blue liquids. And in the midst of all this there is a track on which a train on rails, moving the paper a figure of our character. To go with her, to come close to standing in the five meters to the left chest or enemy, it is impossible — instead, you use the cursor, which constantly have proclivity everything you see, to hit, to access or collect the dropped gold, map, potions and other loot.

Elements of the "clicker" is reflected not only in this. Some enemies stun us, and then you have to click quickly on the flying stars to the hero came to. And then another, and downed the cards in the active slots, so they returned to the scene and working again as it should. Many opponents of the protected — you need to click quickly on the shields to break them.

Or the icons of spells to disrupt their use.Book of Demons review gameAt each new level you can invest in health or to increase the mana.

Sold out in hell

This principle of movement is initially somewhat daunting. The more that the character is not always quick to respond, and have again several times hard to click, so he turned around and jumped in the right direction. When watching the warrior desperately cuts the air, and at a distance from his enemy still takes damage automatically start to smile and think that we face some kind of surreal parody of the hack & slash.

In many respects it is. Of the enemies here can drop… poop price of one coin. When you open a highlighted blue supermarketah the game throws a lot and determines what you will receive — a gorgeous reward or all the same turd.

And maybe the crowd of skeletons to pounce. The names of some cards clearly parody of the famous system of random determination of the naming of objects — it turns out that something in the spirit of "the Fear of the time-elephant's treatment." Once in the place where it is very hot, Archer says with a smile: "I was right my ex — I was in hell." And the famous The Butcher (the Butcher) here turned into a demonic chef, head of local cuisine. After his murder of the corpse just tons of carrots!

Shoot, while you are young

Such jokes in Book of Demons especially valuable for "casual" and normal (i.e. normal) levels of difficulty — jokes helped to dispel boredom. On "normal" my Archer in thirty-one level, died once, revived for free in the city. Any problems she began to experience only in hell, where she sent former, and closer to the battle with Arhidemon.

I tried warrior, and mage. And my feelings tell me, the Archer was the most "embowel" character. And the fact that she had a large (perhaps even infinite) radius — it goes not only beyond her sight, but in principle the boundaries of the screen.

Therefore, the algorithm of action here, as a rule, is simple: go to the level, we hear, where you hear demonic bleating, hold down Shift and start to let go of the arrows leave my bow faster than a bullet from a Kalashnikov. Book of Demons review gameCard runes need to mix to do more cool upgrades to the main deck.Of course, the types of enemies in bulk, many are trying to get closer, to butt, stun, poison, and surround. But most are killed on the outskirts of the heroic body. If the situation starts to deteriorate, you can always push away opponents with special cards, use health potions (they always have) or to escape from the level to heal in the city or on the stripped level.

Even better, if there is an altar with a red substance (on normal difficulty it is constantly regenerated) or gate, which can go only your character, the enemies will crowd the entrance, remaining vulnerable to our arrows and spells.

The harder the better!

"Bosses" of all kinds in Book of Demons this files most often attack the same pattern — calling minions and activating shields. And can do so for 10 minutes, relying on the protection and thickness of your carcass. And all this time, you shoot the arrows, holding Shift, periodically podlechivayas, yawning and thinking, when is it finally going to end.

In hell and in fights with key enemies it all just repeatedly multiplied by the number of arrows fired, drunk potions, of blunders and time spent.

Of course, at the level of the road, the situation is changing. There are restrictions on treatment, the enemies stronger, often converge and surround, maps, and items fall less often and very much at random, and the revival in the city is decent money — if not, your character will burn in hell forever. So you have to act much more careful, to spend more time in choosing the right deck, trying different tactics and carefully studying the features and effects of the cards.

At this level I recommend to play.

But agree that the situation in which the passage in the middle of the rolls for the most part, boredom and routine, not quite normal.

"Clicker" in action!***If you pass Book of Demons on the level of "Roguelike", you can get a lot of masochistic pleasure, realizing why the game even before the release have collected so many awards. Especially after the passage of the campaign offers a free mode, where in the global ranking can compete with other players who deeper into the catacombs. I am particularly pleased that this is only the first step in developers Return two Games — a series of original creations, made under inspiration from the Golden era of computer games.

Well, I am looking forward to continue. And I hope that next time the authors pay more attention to balance.

Pros: original gameplay, interesting (and sometimes unexpected) mix elements of different genres; the abundance of maps; appropriate humor; nice picture, excellent sound and generally working with music and sounds.

Disadvantages: on the normal difficulty level play too easy.

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