Board game Carcassonne and online Carcassonne and like Carcassonne

Board game Carcassonne and online Carcassonne and like games Carcassonne

Board game Carcassone is a tile-based German style game, which was designed by Klaus Jurgen Wrede in 2000 and published by English Rio Grande Games and German Hans im Gluk. The game was also published by Russian company «The world of hobby». The name of the game comes from the German word «Carcassone». It received the award «Game of the year» in 2001 in Germany and was sold in 6 million copies.

As the game progresses, players build a medieval landscape and opt the followers on the newly placed tiles. Depending on the place the piece have been placed, it can characterize peasant, knight, rogue or monk

Online game Carcassonne and the content of the game


To start the game one needs to build a land, to put on the table one of the game tiles «Start tile». Start tile differs with its land features, not to be mixed with other tiles. After start tile is on the table, the players start to lay out the playing field by determining the sequence of players. On each turn player draws a new terrain tile and places it adjacent to tiles that are already face up, i.e. roads must be attached to roads, fields to fields and cities to cities.

As game starts each player gets 8 pieces and one of them is intended for scoring. Before laying out one of the pieces, the player must lay out the tile.

In the cases when object, i.e. road, field or city is occupied by the other player, the next player cannot lay out his piece (follower) on the same tile. During the game the objects may be united. As for pieces (followers), they can bring points to the player several times during the game, as the player gets them back when the object is built and after the object is built the player gets points. It looks like this: the walls for the city are built, the monastery of the city is surrounded by tiles – the object is done, but if the player couldn’t finish the object, he will get points as well but after the game is finished.


The game is over, when there are no more tiles. After the game is over the scoring starts, the pieces (followers) left on the field bring points and the one, who gets more points, win the game.

Similar games to Carcassonne and like games to Carcassonne

Nowadays there are many games, that are similar to Carcassonne due to the style of the game. The games the are similar to Carcassone have the same style, but harder elements. One of these games is My lands.

The game My lands as Carcassonne, has the same military-economic style. Unlike the board game Carcassonne, My lands can be played online, and online platform makes it possible to play this game with many players from all over the world at the same time. The number of players can reach up to 1000.

By choosing a military or a mining server in real time, players can develop cities, trade and agreements and start wars.


You interact with many players in real time, develop you city, start trading, sign agreements and start wars. You can choose military or mining server.