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If we had any Ministry of the gaming industry, the creators of the first Beholder immediately after the success of the original probably would've prescribed a Directive from the requirement to produce a more successful sequel. And developers, according to Beholder 2, it successfully fulfilled.

Former superintendent

Beholder, released two years back, has become Rossiiskii variation on the theme Papers, Please — it was a simulation of a social worker, living in a dark totalitarian state of the future, which is almost on a legitimate basis have to look for tenants, and set the camera, to blackmail, to collect dirt and pounding, reporting of violations.

Although it was possible, despite the impending threat, and try to act according to conscience, to help people, not send them, even sympathize with the revolutionaries. In fact, each situation had a choice, which depended on the plot overall, and the end of this story. The game came out very good, it is even a short film shot with Yevgeny Stychkin — naturally, a sequel was only a matter of time.

The son of the father

More natural that the developers of the Studio Warm Lamp Games decided to develop the idea of the original. Again, a grim totalitarian government, which controls the Wisest Leader. And again, we posovremennee solved: to inform, to gather dirt, to blackmail or to do the right thing, trying sometimes even to go against the system? The choice is ours.

Only now the creators take above, and we are already not in a management role in one of the houses, and as an employee of the head of the Ministry of the country, a position in which is the dream of millions.

In General, working there, to put it mildly, not the most fun and exciting — to push the paper and to consider appeals of people. But for every misstep can be very bitter to pay — despite all the regalia and titles (only if you don't himself a Wise Leader, of course). Beholder two review gameStanding in queues very often.In this the hard way and made sure the father of the head of the hero Evan Redgrave, who was very influential and pechataem, but, despite this, already in the first minute of the game flew out the window of the Ministerial building.

Another 5 minutes later was hanged by a senior officer of the Ministry, which took our hero through the building, showed him the working place and hinted at the fact that he has a fundamental information about the father of Evan.

Specifically around potency the death of his father built the storyline Beholder 2. In parallel, we learn that Evan enlisted in the Ministry, without knowing it, was actually "undercover" working for the internal security service. Therefore, it is necessary to collect information about colleagues and superiors and in time to report to where it should.

Time authorities

Despite the fact that Evan was so influential father (however, with him hero a few years not communicated) to begin his career in the Ministry of accounts from scratch, that is from the first floor. And in order to grow and climb the literal and the hierarchy, you need to earn points of authority. Money is also needed — if not to pay bills for the apartment and not to do at the time the voluntary-compulsory contributions to any Fund for the support of patriotism, then the game will end prematurely.

To earn credibility and money in several ways. First, performing his daily routine of reviewing citizens ' appeals in the window and taking him right decisions. For this you need to determine exactly the subject of the appeal (questions of order, patriotism, science, culture and sport, social policy), his character (request, complaint, denunciation, information) and send a citizen in a free this day the Cabinet (here need to check my calendar and schedule).

Beholder two review gameNot all awards are equally useful! But this method is long and tedious — despite the fact that references are very funny ("Our boss harasses all the employees except me, give it sometime"). Much more effective and interesting to perform numerous non-linear quests — they became even more in comparison with the first part, and it is on them Beholder 2 is the main focus.

In addition, you can make phone calls, informing on colleagues, to honor the statue of the Leader, to find and bring to the Secretary of the chief archival documents — all this, too, gives points of authority. And all time is wasted — a new resource in the game. The fact that the passage is divided into the days of nine hours each.

Reception of citizens, standing in one of the many queues (for example, to the Secretary of the chief), the yaw in the tables of colleagues, even the ritual of worship at the statue of the Wise Leader — everyone spends a certain amount of time.

But still need to watch one of the series (knowledge of the show helps to make friends with colleagues) and books that give different useful skills and bonuses — for example, the possibility of breaking certain locks or a discount on the water supply. This introduces additional dynamics and forces to think how best to use precious time — with each new day approaching deadline of payment of any regular accounts. In the first part, also occasionally included time constraints, but in the sequel the time constantly hangs over the hero sword of Damocles.

The pangs of conscience

In any case Beholder 2 — this is still a game about your own conscience and humanity. In the first few minutes will have a choice to pass, or even forever to kick the sluggishness of the clerk, once again, scattered paper on the floor, or help him. And it immediately identifies who you are.

Beholder two review gameWith humor here, as you can see, everything is fine.One of the first global quests is that you need to get promoted, eliminating other colleagues applying for the position. And make it also allowed different ways. For example, one that is hopelessly in love with his other colleague, can lead to suicide or even to the fact that one day he would come to the office with a gun and begins to shoot everyone (and even Evan can shoot).

And you can, on the contrary, befriend him, help him, and then ask for help with promotion. Another colleague at a certain scenario will turn out to bring under the monastery for smuggling and trafficking in stimulants.

There is always a choice. Even when your supervisor requires you to substitute any of the employees of the Ministry, suggesting that a bribe is fake money, you can alert a colleague. And you can leave it as is, killing strangers, but earning the respect of his superiors and the next portion of points of authority.

The decisions of how to act in a given situation is strongly influenced by and whom you are dealing with. In Beholder 2 a lot of great conversations and interestingly written characters. The same colleague-a smuggler — and a nasty, unpleasant fellow, that I want to have set him on principle.

Conversely, harmful and evil, it would seem that the Secretary is proving to be a woman who has survived personal tragedy, and now secretly helps orphanages, about which I forgot the government.

The game constantly tests and provokes us, literally, forced to do inhumane. Don't want to open someone else's letter or refuses to substitute/play partner? Then lose quests, and with it the opportunity to quickly earn money and credibility.

Just sit back, do a chore, not to offend anyone and hoard them — so slower, but more honest, and your conscience will be clear.Beholder two review gameCredibility can be spent to avoid problems if you do not have enough money for a bribe or a fine.***Beholder 2, of course, failed. Here is even more dynamic, a Packed story full of scandals, intrigues, investigation, and also the betrayals, secrets and spy games. And all this is accompanied by numerous tragedies and comedies of the little people, the cogs in the state machine.

When this appeared well-adapted to the General outline of the mechanics, and the game moved to 3D, it became more cute, modern (while maintaining the somber black and white style) and comfortable — including control and navigation. In General, this is not a short film should be, and full movie.

Pros: intriguing plot, new mechanics of accounting time, which perfectly fit into the General outline; many non-linear quests, where the choice really matters, perfect the gloomy atmosphere of totalitarianism; the game became three-dimensional and more likable, authentic sound and music.

Disadvantages: a lot of routine work and "Pharma".

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