Battalion 1944: Codes

Attention! The following codes must begin with the word "Server." (Without quotes).
Example: server.restart
server.command #

You also need to add your STEAM ID to the “AdminSteamIDs” array variable.
Example: + AdminSteamIDs = ”76561197976577178?

Invulnerable <1 or 0> - God mode on / off
GiveWeapon <weapons name> - add weapons
GiveGrenade - add a grenade
GiveSmokeGrenade - add smoke grenade
GiveAmmo - add cartridges
ChangeToTeam <1 or 0> - change team
AddBot - add bot to server
WinRound - win the round
LoseRound - lose round
LoadNextGame - the next map
Announce - a message to everyone on the server
DisconnectAll - “kick” everyone from the server
ListPartyMembers - a list of all players
KickPlayerByName - “kick” the player KickPlayerBySteamID - “kick” a player by STEAM GUID
KillBots - destroy all bots
Restart - server restart
Shutdown - disable server
EndRound - complete the round
Pause - pause (re-enter to remove it)
ChangeMap - change map

list of modes / maps:
Map “Liberation”
Map “Derailed”
Map “Battery”
Map “Invasion”
Mode “BOMB”
Map “Coastal”
Mode “FFA”
Mode “TDM”
Mode “CTF”
Mode “DOM”
Map “Outpost”
Map “ManorHouse_V1”
Map “Manorhouse_V2”

Change Gamestate:
Gamestate - display the current server status.
To change the server status, use the following commands:

“State [STATE_NAME]”

Possible values ​​for STATE_NAME:

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