Costs of Scrolls Cost of «Anabiosis» Scroll
Level 1 2000 4000 20 Level 1 10000 10000 100
Level 2 4000 8000 40 Level 2 20000 20000 200
Level 3 6000 12000 60 Level 3 30000 30000 300
Level 4 8000 16000 80 Level 4 40000 40000 500
Level 5 10000 20000 100 Level 5 50000 50000 1000
Area Adaptation Anabiosis Anti-magic Armageddon
Attack any Ruins Ballista of Hero Thrifty Capture Fearlessness
Wandering Spirits Grand Crown Great Wisdom Virus
Warrior Chasers Magic Tree Magic Stone Magic Spike
Magic Nugget Magic Iron Bar Inspiration of Mages Ally Recuperation
Rider Chasers Misfortune for Everyone Weakness for Everyone Chase of Everyone
Burst of Mana Army Stamina Allies Stamina Mana Drain
Storm Generator Global Construction Global Construct Completion Global Expansion of Missions
Gnome Scientists Grief of Abjurer Mining Tools Mountain Camouflage
Long Range Supervision Long Range Researches Long Range Espionage Disinformation
Sabotage of Anti-spies Sabotage of Houses Sabotage of Mirrors Sabotage of Mirrors and Anti-spies
Sabotage of Traders Sabotage of Laboratories Sabotage of Magic Towers Sabotage of Market
Sabotage of Storehouses Finishing off the Wounded Watcher Demons Land Spirit of Protection
Knights Land Spirit of Protection Light Elves Land Spirit of Protection Dark Elves Land Spirit of Protection Demons Land Spirit of Chase
Kinghts Land Spirit of Chase Light Elves Land Spirit of Chase Dark Elves Land Spirit of Chase Dark Elves' Iron
Victim Researchers Strike Monsters' Testament Protection
Demesne Lands Protection against Magic Hero's Protection against Magic Mages Protection Protection against Fortifications
Ally Defense Earthquake Cereals of Knights Knowledge of Habits
Knowledge of Monsters' Vulnerabilities Illusion of Heroes Indulgence of Renegade Exploration of Kingdom
Unfeigned View of Demesne Lands Demon Stone Clan Captivity Tome of Knowledge
Tome of Wisdom Ring of Demons Land Tilling Forest Camouflage
Flying Chasers Trap Army Cover-up Defense Mastery
Mobilization Fortifications Improvement Monopoly Send Monsters Down
Invisibility Necromancy of Ally Necromancy Slumberous Spirits
Charm of Researchers Charm of Traders Closed Gates Detection Bricole of Defense
Resurrection of Dead Eye of Researcher Storage Optimization Turret
Liberator of Heroes Stop of Negative Event Defense Alertness Onslaught Alertness
Artifact Hunter Storehouses Protection Ally Protection Flat Junction
Foothold of Deployment Imprisonment of Souls Escape to Hideout Casual Revenue
Suppressor of Towers Suppressor of Magic Towers Suppressor of Mages Suppression of Monsters
Suppression of Healers Incendiarism Raising of Dead Enemies Fire
Sacrifice Mana to Ally Pit Searching Ruins Searching Saline Searching
Marching Anti-Spies Marching Mirrors Marching Seers Marching Spies
Holiday Fealty Stop Influx of Monsters Summon Anti-spies
Summon Warriors Summon Riders Summon Mirrors Summon Researchers
Summon Traders Summon Flying Creatures Summon Mages Summon Mercenaries
Summon Carriers Summon Settlers Summon Seers Summon Shooters
Summon Healers Summon Spies Influx of Monsters Curse of Towers
Curse of Myopia Curse of Illness Curse of Researchers Death Curse of Traders Death
Curse of Hunger Curse of Rapacity Curse of Dwellings Curse of Gold Diggers
Curse of Stone Masons Curse of Mapping Curse of Honor Code Curse of Shopekeepers
Curse of Lumberjacks Curse of Love for Architecture Curse of Magic Towers Curse of Overcurrent Protection
Curse of Mana Curse of Researchers' Mission Curse of Traders' Mission Curse of Supervision
Curse of Poisoned Water Curse of Depredation Curse of Miners Curse of Weakness
Curse of Construction Curse of Trade Curse of Handlers Curse of Fortifications
Curse of Vulnerability Curse of Grain Growers Curse of EeEspionage Cursed Swamp
Cursed Lighthouse Curse of Poisoned Soil Enlightenment Enlightenment of Ally
Desert Camouflage Spells Range Depredation Depredation of External Possessions
Fake Army Expansion Fake Army and Hero Expansion Expansion of Mana Ground Recreation
Sabotage of Work Sabotage of Construction Extra Long Range Espionage Allies Contact
Mana Burner Strength of Troops Power to Ally Demoralization of Army
Demoralization of Hero Weakness of All Mages Weakness of Enemy's Mages Weakness of Chasers
Change of Specialization Pitch Backers of Possession Enemy Experience Reduction Warriors Salary
Riders Salary Flying Creatures Salary Archers Salary Mages Salary
Mercenaries Salary Healers Salary Create Wood Create Iron
Create Cereals Create Gold Create Stone Create Citizens
Springald Prairie Camouflage Shooter Chasers Building Binge
Super Sabotage Super Necromancy Hideout Tactics of Fortification
Battering Ram Hero Teleportation Resources Teleportation Trebuchet
Trojan Horse Fog Gloomy Fantasm Extension of Carts
Luck Luck to Ally Fear Buildings Fortification
Land Improvement Laboratories Improvement Magic Towers Improvement Mages Improvement
Windmills Improvement Common Towers Improvement Mines Improvement Pits Improvement
Lumberjack Huts Improvement Healers Improvement Ally's Healers Improvement Improved Selection
Slayer of Demons Slayer of Monsters Slayer of Knights Slayer of Light Elves
Slayer of Dark Elves Shorten Ration Boost of Researchers Boost of Traders
Boost of Trainings Faster Settlement Warriors Resistance Riders Resistance
Flying Creatures Resistance Mages Resistance Carriers Resistance Allies Resistance
Shooters Resistance Healers Resistance Cancellation of Earth Penalty Vulnerability of Attackers
Mana Fountain Pest School of Magic Einarm of Hero
Thrifty Training Thrifty Mages Training Thrifty Healers Training Elven Tree
Rage of Demon Warriors Rage of Knight Warriors Rage of Light Elf Warriors Rage of Dark Elf Warriors
Rage of Demon Riders Rage of Knight Riders Rage of Light Elf Riders Rage of Dark Elf Riders
Rage of All Warriors Rage of All Riders Rage of All Flying Creatures Rage of All Shooters
Rage of Mountains Rage of Forest Rage of Flying Demons Rage of Flying Knights
Rage of Flying Light Elves Rage of Flying Dark Elves Rage of Mages Rage of Desert
Rage of Prairies Rage of Demon Shooters Rage of Knight Shooters Rage of Light Elf Shooters
Rage of Dark Elf Shooters