Avernum 3: Ruined World Cheats

During the game press the key combination «Shift + D» to display the console window. Then enter the following cheat codes:

ouchouchouch — cure the health of the whole group
buffmenow — add multiple blessings every character
freemymind to remove the curse of death, to heal from mental illness
teachmehow — add experience
iampoor — add 500 coins
editor — call up the character editor (the edit traits, skills, spells)
fps — display frame rate
backtostart — teleport You to the «Fort Emergence»
showmeall — display all the characters on the map
dontshowmeall to disable the display of all characters on the map
resetboats — return all boats to starting position (bought the boat is no longer Yours)
quietthetower — reset timer of the disaster of the Tower of the magician
letbefriends — all who are mad at You, will be calm
iamrained — charge all the energy spells

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