ATOM RPG: Walkthrough: welcome

We offer you to familiarize yourself with all the story and side quests, and secrets of the village of Otradnoe. At this location you will find yourself immediately after the prologue of the game.

Go to the guard Ian, standing at the entrance, and talk to him about different topics. Speak again, the result of which he asked to bring him a bottle of cold beer. As soon as I have more rubles to visit the local tavern, buy a beer and bring Jan. For this you get experience points.

At the same time can lay Ian to guard the other gate.

On-site Welcome go to the tavern and talk to the bartender. He requested to bring him the book of the red banner. Agree to get a receipt.

When you leave, the bartender will tell you about some experiment, and recommends to his sister.

Go to Kate sitting at the next table. Talk about everything and agree to drink. Don’t worry, despite losing consciousness, you won’t steal anything.

And to steal early in the game nothing! After this you will receive experience points, as well as the ability to perform the following tasks. However, if you can convince her, you can get a letter of recommendation Kovalev without collecting mushrooms. Otherwise, take a stroll around the village and collect five fungi, like toadstools. Them on locations exactly five pieces, but if you want you can leave a welcome and search nearby places.

Go back to Kate, pass the mushrooms and get the letter.

Go to Kovalev, sitting in the building near the entrance, protected by Jan. Talk on different topics, then get the first task – to find out who in the village is a rat bandits. Go to a large building, where the caretaker and a local crook Gregory. Gregory likes to play craps, but Kovalev does not allow to do it. Ask Gregory for gang, resulting in learn that he is a Snitch.

Depending on the chosen phrases Grisha or washed away from Welcome, or remain in it.

In any case please report on what you learned, Kovalev. If Gregory left that Kovalev will be asked to remove it. Go back to the Grigori and using different skills to try to convince him to go to the lonely hut bottom right of the Welcome (at the same location). If it will, then follow him.

Recommend pre-stored, and then to engage in dialogue, because it will end the fight. Kill the Snitch that is not easy to do, and then report back everything Kovalev. To kill the Snitch, please be medication and press «Craft» to make some melee weapons. Tell Kovalev.

By the way, don’t forget to search the corpse of time to get the passport thieves.

Kovalev will be asked to infiltrate the gang at a local factory. But that’s another story…

Also at the estate you can chat with the caretaker, take his quest and to repair the generator, standing on the street left from the building (near the water tower). To do this, hold down LMB and select the appropriate option. You will have to repeat this several times until success. Then simply click the LMB generator, and then report on the completion of the mission to the caretaker.

Demand a reward.

The passage of the ATOM RPG: welcome

Generator water tower.

At the estate, in one of the houses lived grandpa who goes out of their homes, day or night. Talk to him, he will ask to harvest maize. Agree to help, go outside and behind the house is a vegetable patch with five stems.

Collect them, go back to my grandfather and turn in the quest. Ask them to look for a reward, and he will give you a hunting rifle.

The passage of the ATOM RPG: welcome

Field of corn.

In the upper left corner of the map is a lake, where sits a fisherman. Talk to him. He asks me to bring him a strong drink before the war. In other words, you need vodka. Go back to the tavern in the suburbs and buy a bottle of vodka from the bartender.

Give it to the fisherman, for which he will train you in the butchering mutants. Walk around the map, search the bodies of all spiders, arachnids and wasps to get the bodies. They can fish and then cook it on fire or sell any character.

In the lower left corner of the map is a poisonous cloud. To his right among the trees to find the first caches. Over the lake in the upper left corner you can find the other caches.

Where he dug up the corn, you can find the shovel. It will allow you to dig up the graves at the side of the city. In them you will find the useful production.

In the right location you can meet an Armenian. He is willing to play dice, but they had not. Bones you can get from Grisha – buy for 13 rubles or search the body after the murder.

Quests available after a while

To participate in the elections at the estate you will be able after we met with Dan in an abandoned factory and run three tasks:

— You check with the prisoner (it is necessary either to beat, or try to shoot).

— Follow the quest associated with the search for three brothers or showdowns with the bootleggers (a specific task depends on how you passed the test – beat or tried to shoot).

— Learn about why the Rumbling forest is called as such.

Go to Dan the next day after completing the mission associated with Rumbling forest. He will tell you that he wants to put his man at the estate. Go to the stretch in the upper left corner of the Wasteland, look at the bar on the barge, Ivan and talk to him.

Follow the man in Otradnoye, talk to him in the building, which also houses the caretaker and was Grisha.

You will need to choose who you want to see in place of the Chairperson – Kate or caretaker Grankina. We chose the first option, but regardless of choice, you will need:

— To convince your opponent to vote for his opponent (in our case, Grankina). If that fails, then refer to the bandits who appeared at the estate and are close to local store. They scare the right person or kill him.

— To convince the woman Karina to vote for the right candidate (in our case, Kate). This can be done through various audits.

To convince Jan to take part in the elections. Use the skills.

— To convince the grandfather of Seeds to participate in the elections. This old man, you gathered the corn.

After the familiar with four goals, report everything to Ivan Ivanovich. The election Chairman will be the desired candidate, and the quest will come to an end.

Go back to the factory and finds Dan in a battle against Shishak. Help him, and if he survives, then leave the location and return the next day for a reward (400-500 rubles).

Also talk with former President of Kovalev, who is in the tavern. He asks for him to find the car – «Moskvich». Go to the Abandoned Factory and find the destroyed car in the opposite part of the territory of the bandits. After seeing it, go back to Kovalev and tell us about the discovery.

He offered to contact the caravan.

Go to global map and walk through it until, until you meet a caravan on a truck. When you open a window with a random event you’ll see the truck. Talk to them and negotiate to deliver the car in Otradnoye. You will have to pay 400 rubles.

If you can pass a skill check, the amount will be reduced to 200.

The passage of the ATOM RPG: welcome

The caravan on the truck.

Having done this, return to welcome and talk with Kovalev in the tavern. Along with him go to the car and socialize on different topics. Kovalev needs carb, starter, wires 10 and 15 units of scrap metal.

With the last two paragraphs are all clear. By the way, the easiest way to buy wires and scrap the two old guys near the ship, standing in the red. They sell behind the counters in the daytime.

The carburetor and starter you can buy from a randomly encountered in the Wasteland stalkers. They will ask for a few thousand, but you can bargain. Both items can be purchased from Artemyev, who is sitting in a guarded hotel room, located in the red banner.

Talk to him, but the price of parts is much higher than that of stalkers.

However, Artemyev, you can perform two tasks, after which he will give the carb and starter absolutely free. The tasks are simple, but the hopper it is desirable to have a gas mask or antidote.

After receiving all the details, go back to Kovalev and repair the car. Kovalev will leave. After a while you will meet randomly Kovalev on the map.

Kill the bandits who try to help Kovalev, but everything will be useless. Finally, can you tell me about her father’s death Kate from Gratifying.

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