Atlas is the Number of dissatisfied players continues to grow

The start-up of recent news from the developers of the Studio Grapeshot Games, which was a multiplayer project called Atlas, was far from successful. Even at the start the team had problems with the final build of the game, which was released a few days after the scheduled date, and when the title still managed to run, it became clear that he needs urgent improvements.

Now the attention of the developers aimed at eliminating performance problems, a variety of failures related to the revival of the character after death and reconnecting to the server, and other defects. However, despite this, dissatisfaction continues to grow, and the number of negative reviews already exceeded 9,100 negative evaluations.

However, many pirates continue to sail the sea and explore a new world, and the creators have even prepared a special dynamic map where you can track the area of influence of the largest guilds. Also everyone can now run their own unofficial server, but it is worth considering that the work for setting up such realms have not yet been fully completed.


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