Atlas found Ark menu: Survival Evolved

Atlas — a new pirate MMO, released in early access on December 22. It started badly — players complain about bugs and poor optimization, Steam estimates are mostly negative. In addition, the game found a menu from Ark: Survival Evolved, which causes doubts in the developers.

Atlas develops Instinct Games, a branch of Wildcard Studios. She also created Ark: Survival Evolved. It seemed that the team should understand the design of MMO / survival, be aware of the importance of optimizing a good network code.

But reviews on Steam suggest otherwise.

Some write that the clock can not connect to the server. Others who managed to log in complain about bugs, glitches and poor balance. Resources were too scattered around the dangerous world, and therefore one of the players for 36 hours could boast only a small raft.

Many fear that Atlas is the Ark reskin. Found a secret menu only confirms this. Now the game is in early access and is sold on Steam for 427 rubles (a discount of 17% is valid).

When it comes out of it — is unknown.

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