Atlas — Developers continue to make improvements

A multi-user project called Atlas got to the early access stage less than a week ago and the game developers immediately began to improve their offspring. During this time, several updates have already been made, which made various improvements to the gameplay, and also solved a number of technical problems that were present at the Atlas launch.

So, developers have already managed to improve the performance and stability of servers and eliminate failures on their part. In addition, a huge number of corrections affecting various mechanics and balance adjustments were made. For example, now the enemy territory is captured only 30 minutes instead of an hour and a half, the found treasures bring twice as much loot, reduced damage from fire arrows and torches, damned ships appear too close to the players and much more.

Also on sale from traders temporarily appeared headdress “Top Hat”, which allows you to get more gold from the dug out treasures. This item will be available until January 2.


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