Atlas — Apologies for the developers of their «masterpiece»

The developers of the already famous MMO Atlas have apologized for the gritty start of their beautiful game during the early access period. Numerous problems of the players are very frustrated developers and they vowed to fix all the problems with stability and performance. 

In a message in the Steam community, the Grapeshot Games team stated that their “system infrastructure broke down completely” under the influx of players wanting to come aboard when MMO Atlas opened its doors to new thirsty impressions. In other words, we were so busy preparing for the release of our beautiful and thought-out MMO, that we somehow forgot that many people would want to play this game at the same time, and quite unexpectedly, our server capacities were not ready. 

The development team will make every effort possible to make the game even better and correct the existing shortcomings. The developers also said that the Atlas Dev Kit, which will allow players to create custom content for the game and upload it to the Steam workshop, should be ready on January 7, “if not earlier.”

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