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The burning platform: PS4

From time to time desire to return to carefree childhood, when grass was greener patches of the first day did not exist, and games are (supposedly) done for the soul, not for money. Activision vouchers and trades from the past two thousand seventeen years — first remakes Crash Bandicoot released, later on Spyro remember. That publisher Microids decided to revive old, presenting to the public a reprint Asterix & Obelix XXL 2. The original was released already in the two thousand six year on PC and PlayStation 2, after which a full third part of the series the light is not seen. But now it is in development, and with the remaster it is possible and old fans to please, and a new audience to attract.

Although the latter is a controversial statement.

The Gauls returned

The problem Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 that it largely remains a game of the last generation, though well preserved and can be fun for modern gamers. Unfortunately, not knowing the backstory in the course of the case does not impose — it is assumed that you read comic books, and movies about these characters saw. Julius Caesar why, then builds an amusement Park "Las Vegum" some kind of druid Panoramix is a traitor, the characters are sent to hit the muzzle the Romans.

But the video is long, and the main idea is to capture possible even for those who see these fun Gauls for the first time.

One of the strengths of the original was the humor, but for ten years it had become obsolete. Partner of Asterix and Obelix was hiding under the ceiling and wears goggles of Sam Fisher, one of the lieutenants of Caesar wears a costume of Lara Croft (and the name of his appropriate), and some enemies are armed with shields in the form of Pacman. That's just such a parody in two thousand eighteen year hardly even smile cause we such a reference observed in a variety of games, and everything is usually restricted to just the funny names and unusual images. Just remember the last Shaq Fu, where was the parody Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber) Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton).

Who cares after all these years?

This is no fault of reissues — after all, the game is old, and to correct the humor was impossible. But certainly was not a problem to improve a fight, but they are also tedious and annoying. The authors of the original just had no sense of proportion, so they filled up the player with the Romans at every turn.

Here you have defeated seven opponents to go into the next room and press the button. So you left the room and again must defeat the seven enemies. After twenty minutes you've been going out with hundreds of Legionnaires… At this point I paused and decided to take a short break, returning to the game only a couple of hours.

Asterix & Obelix XXL two review gameMovies to pay much attention to did not.Fighting is simply boring, and any attempt of the developers to make a variety of can not save. From time to time in the corner of the screen shows the test — you need to play a combination of techniques and get a reinforcement or multiplication knock out enemies currency. At first, pay attention to it, but the more enemies around, the harder these tasks to perform — give a bonus for beating a particular enemy, and have to Wade through the crowd of Romans, trying not to accidentally send enemy to the hereafter ahead of time.

Appointments with Asterix and his friend not as much as I would like. By and large the player will do the same thing: to jump, to flop the fifth point on the ground and stun all around, and then grab some poor bastard and spin it, knocking everyone on the way. The most effective tactic that works against the vast majority of the Romans.

Sometimes you have to approach combat — if someone is covered by a shield or sword, just to break his shield will not work. It is necessary to wait, when he does swing, and then start his non-stop hitting. But it can hardly be called a variety — like opponents rather tired of his slowness.

The pit, the ditch

If the number of enemies was reduced several times, the game would have lost nothing, but only would be better. Because otherwise it's not so bad — it is action with puzzles and dozens of well-hidden objects. Often in some areas can only get Asterix — he's not as fat as a partner.

In other cases, pass the plot will not succeed without Obelix, who sits in the gun and flies high after the shot. A large proportion of the puzzles are based on the interaction of the Gauls, that one helps the other to reach the desired point, then they have to simultaneously stand on different buttons. Difficult episodes there, but still boring, not seem.Asterix & Obelix XXL two review gameBonus will give for beating the enemy with a gift above his head.In the re-release was added to the test available at some arenas after the destruction of the crowds of Romans.

For the allotted time you need to deal with several hundred enemies, and the number of opponents depends issued a medal and a number of hats to buy is not particularly useful improvements. Maybe someone will be glad of the extra reason to fight, but to me it just lacked in the story campaign. The most frustrating part of the test relates to vodolechenie with which Asterix and Obelix locked in a small room.

They don't cause damage, but repel character's projectiles, making it stationary for a few seconds. Even remember about this episode hurt something if I have something wrong did, whether it is normal that my character about half a minute jumped itself among votomatic and nothing could be done.

The rest of the changes compared to the original not so much. Graphics have become better, but the game looks nowhere near as modern as the adventures of crash and Spyro. Although the budget of this new edition was appropriate. Very strange to see such a high price — Steam project is almost one and a half thousand roubles, and on PS4 and all will cost two 899 rubles. Even trilogy Spyro is cheaper and the quality is a few heads above the XXL 2.

Because there, in contrast to the "Asterix", completely redrew all the videos — and then have to look at the window frames in PaRappa The Rapper.

There are problems with sound: it just poor quality, the volume suddenly starts to gallop. Sometimes when gameplay is interrupted for the demonstration video, a few seconds after its completion, continues old scene with its related sounds. Not without gameplay issues — especially hard not to criticize the game for lousy camera.

Not only is she slowly turns around, but gets stuck in walls and cannot be controlled automatically in the vast majority of episodes. Entering the hall with columns, where you have to fight with a crowd of Romans, be prepared is to keep an eye on these columns, not on your character. Yet do the camera will not turn off, did not really see.

Asterix & Obelix XXL two review gameThe body of legionaries stretched funny when they use force.***Remaster turned out weird — the game looks good, and innovations will appeal to fans, but new audiences will be difficult to attract. And it's not just the absurd price for a mediocre reissue of the ancient game, but some flaws that surely if desired, could be rectified. To reduce the number of enemies to fight was not as tedious, to fix the camera, add a couple of extra techniques. Probably, in the forthcoming third part we will see if the developers are going to learn from their mistakes.

But something tells me that the next game will again be aimed at fans who will be able to forgive her shortcomings.

Pros: some good jokes; smart graphics, good puzzles.

Disadvantages: stale humor, tedious fights; new for re-testing associated with the same tedious fights; intermittent problems with sound, sometimes inadequate camera.

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