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The latest mobile games Ubisoft were a good pleasures that can last for a long time. And Rayman Adventures came out good, and card South Park: Phone Destroyer. Here Assassin's Creed: Rebellion, in my opinion, failed.

Ubisoft rush to release is clearly not wanted in the Philippines the game has been available for almost a year and a half ago, but only now made it to other regions. During this time, she was so stuffed with content that at first all those buttons and features very confusing, but then when you do, to break away would be difficult.

Asylum assassins

Rebellion can be divided into two components. The first resembles a simplified version Fallout Shelter: you have at your disposal a staff (which, as it turns out, includes several buildings), increase the level of Brotherhood and with each new level can either turn an empty room in the forge, bedrooms, warehouses, gyms and more, or improve them and unlock bonus options. For example, instead of a weak sword and hidden blades will begin to forge more powerful weapons.

Another important part of the game — a kind of tactical platforming. Before you start, you collect a group of three assassins, checking their specialization the description of the mission. The developers carefully warn you about which heroes are best to take: this can be experienced in the melee warriors, masters of stealth kills and skillful attackers, neutralizing traps.

In the beginning of the mission all three of the assassin are in the first room, from which there may be one or two exit and enter the next room will allow only one character. Then, when all done, you again need to choose the most suitable assassin for the next zone, and so on.

Here you have to decide to go to the next door stealthily, generally no touching, to hide behind cover and quietly kill all hidden blade or even run down the center of the room and fight with swords. In the first two cases is likely to goof and not to jump to the desired design or to attract the attention of the enemy before you kill him. The chance of success is always written all over your opponent's head or beside the appropriate object, it may be better to sit at the shelter, not to come close, if in the first case, the probability of failure below.Assassin's Creed: Rebellion review gamesIn the first building, the room will be cluttered quite quickly.The levels don't take too much time and not too tiring.

It would be nice if the button on the automatic transmission worked correctly, but its like intentionally made useless — as if assassins are chosen at random, so usually brandishing a sword hero suddenly begins to disarm the trap with the chance of success in fourteen %. But then, when the level will be passed to three stars (you have to leave all of the assassins alive to end the mission, which is not so difficult), rasplachivaetsya mode "Blitz" for each completed job, it will be possible to send selected characters in a second to see the result of their actions.

This should be done for several reasons. First, for all missions are given all sorts of awards, including wood, metal and other resources to create equipment. Secondly, they can get the materials for the training of assassins and improve their performance — the stronger they are, the easier it will be to perform the job.

But even among the prizes across the DNA fragments to unlock new assassins when the desired number of fragments will be detected. You can select the desired character and see what levels can give his DNA to focus the attention on them.


In the result, the gameplay combines so many elements that at first half of them or overlook, or leave for later. But after a few hours it all becomes most clear. For all the assassins, it is desirable to create the appropriate armor and weapons, at higher levels characters should be sent for training in case of lack of resources take a unit and complete the "Blitz" in the appropriate missions. Despite the large number of timers, they don't really bother me too much — for example, sending the hero on training in the headquarters, you can continue to take him on missions, not wasting time and not waiting fifteen minutes, when he becomes stronger.

Assassin's Creed: Rebellion review gamesIf the enemy is to the entrance back, secretly to eliminate it easier.In addition Rebellion actively encourages those who spent a lot of time: there are daily quests there are, and various temporary events. Some days you may be asked to eliminate a couple of hundred enemies, for that generous with a large number of paid currency. Task easy, so to do it in joy.

Also was the "event" missions in Ancient Greece, where it was possible to get DNA fragments of Alexios and Cassandra from Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. But for such events it is better to be a little prepared, and not to go there at the first opportunity.

The paid currency used to purchase cubic meters of DNA contained in these fragments — in other words, for faster new heroes. And sometimes the game is too much insists that you infused it with real money. Open one menu in front of him gets advertisement on cubes with the mercenary spearmen for half the price. Moving to another unique event with Helix credits for a mere pittance.

Six hundred ninety nine rubles a month are invited to subscribe, increasing the rewards for daily logins and jobs but the bonuses don't look very attractive.

The game itself does not require investments, to run missions, use the information that a relatively long time is restored to the headquarters. There are a few hours to play will not work, but this is true for almost every free-to-play — at some point they are forced to wait for energy recovery. But here, this time can be spent on creation of equipment, the distribution of the assassins in the room (the treasure will be easy money without assigned there) and the training of the characters.

Assassin's Creed: Rebellion review gamesWhen the probability of success is not very high, you need to be prepared for possible consequences.***Assassin's Creed: Rebellion I personally do not yet bored. To collect literally bit by bit additional the assassins to open every four hours free Cuba, to put on new armor and give each of the newly forged swords and swords quite fascinating. Time events with unique characters also seem interesting — they are even the locations change in accordance with the era. That's only the menu on the paid goods a little tired — they don't bring down the mood, but always reach for the closing of the cross a little boring.

Although at some point they cease to climb and give easy to have fun without unnecessary reminders of the distribution model of the game.

Pros: nice visual style, fun missions with a slight touch of tactics; the various characters — both externally and in terms of skill; for the passage is not required to pour a lot of money, at least from the timers and nowhere to go.

Disadvantages: often, getting out advertising goods from the in-game store; a bit confusing interface.

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