Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey: How to get the best ending

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During the course of the storyline of «the Odyssey» in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey you will make different decisions. Most of them either do not affect or have any impact in the context of the current task. But there are crucial decisions, which will depend on ending the game.

Below are spoilers, so we don’t recommend you to study this article before you finish the game. On the other hand, if you complete the game, having an imperfect ending, but want to see the best, you will either have to go on YouTube, or to pass the story again.

Plot solution ending

In total, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey you can get nine different endings, each of which depends on the specific decisions that you made throughout several chapters of storyline. Thus, we recommend you to use not only automatically but the quick and manual save, which will protect you in the case of wrong decisions.

In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey there are three separate storylines – «the Odyssey», «Out of the shadows» and «Gates of Atlantis». The main decisions that shape the final, associated with the «Odyssey». Completing quests for the other two storylines will allow you to delve into the history of the game, to know who is the leader of the Cult of the Cosmos (the search for the answer to this question can be as interesting as the passage of the main storyline) and that it was looking for Leila Hassan, studying the life story of Alexios and Cassandra.

How to get the best ending

Throughout the game you will have to make six important plot decisions that involve relatives of the protagonist. The main purpose of this ending is to save the lives of all members of the family of Alexios, and Cassandra is the main character, Deimos, Mirin, Nikolaos and Stentor. Thus, it is sufficient to act in order to avoid killing any of them, but there are less obvious solutions.

Here they are:

— At the end of the second Chapter save the life of Nikolaos.
— The promise Mirren that try to save the Deimos from the Cult of the Cosmos.
— Tell Nikolaos, Stentor needs his help.
— Don’t kill the Stentor.
— Convince Deimos, the cult manipulates it/them. Deimos needs to be clear to Cleon that is not his «doll».
— Refuse to fight against Deimos at the end of the game.

A detailed study of the best endings

Don’t kill Nikolaos at the end of the second Chapter

Regardless of whether you want to play as Alexios or Cassandra, in the end, come face to face with the man who threw you from the mountain early in the game. To meet a Wolf from Sparta, you will have to help they adopted the Stentor in the battle against Athens in the region Megarid.

In the end, begin the mission «the Last breakthrough», during which you will take part in their first battle for the conquest of the region. This time you play on the side of Sparta. Kill the enemy soldiers, reducing the blue bar at the top of the screen and emptied it before it happens with red dial. At every opportunity attack the captains, highlighted with a yellow marker.

When the battle ends, speak with the Stentor and head to the Wolf.

When, finally, will meet Nikolaos, the main character will reveal the personality, and then you will be given a choice of two options. Said that came to take revenge, with the result that GG will kill Nikolaos. If you want to keep him alive, then tell me that they came for answers.

Only in this case you will meet Nikolaos and later will be able to convince him to help Stentor.

Meeting with Deimos and the promise of Mirrin

During one of the story chapters, you’ll visit the Smithy, where the first perfect spear of Leonidas. When you go, outside will have a meeting with Deimos. This conversation can escalate into a fight, but you should avoid this option at any cost, choosing passive responses, stating that you want to save your brother/sister from the Cult of the Cosmos, manipulating it.

Later you will be able to meet Mirren, mother of the main character. Talk to her about Deimos. It is important to say that I don’t want to take revenge on Deimos and want to save a relative from the clutches of the Cult.

This dialogue may not seem significant, but actually made the choice affects the achievement of the best endings.

To convince Nicholas to help Stentor and not to fight with latest

In one Chapter, the kings of Sparta will take you to the help of the Spartan General trying to conquer Boeotia. He be a Stentor, the half-brother of the protagonist, who now hates him. First you need to kill four Champions of Athens, which will allow to weaken the enemy army.

How to get the best ending Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Stentor with Nikolaos.

Killing three of them, go to fourth and will meet Nikolaos. It will appear only if you spared him in the second Chapter. Assure man that he needs to help Stentor.

If this is not done, the battle against the Stentor can not be avoided.

Go back to the stepbrother, then fight for Sparta in the battle for the conquest of Boeotia. Kill normal enemies, captains, deal with the main enemy. Stentor wants to settle scores with you, but if you are convinced that Nikolaos to help him, what will the father who will save his kin from the battle against each other.

To convince Deimos, the Cult of the Cosmos manipulate it

At the end of one of the chapters you’ll be greeted Deimos. But before during the battle for the conquest of the Deimos will fall down a huge tree, and you will be able to save my sister/brother, choosing the right action. Next you need to talk to Deimos, being in a prison cell. Reassure the relative that the Cult manipulates them:

— It was a prophecy.
Our mother was looking out for us.
— She thought you were dead (a).
— I also threw.

Appears Kleon. If you have selected the correct options, the Deimos will tell him «I’m not your doll!». If not, then you have chosen something wrong, so reboot and repeat the conversation.

Give up the battle with Deimos

In the end, you get the Cleon. Then together with his mother climb to the top of the mountain where it all began. Here you will come face to face with Deimos. Choose passive options during dialogue, do not show aggression towards Deimos.

Give the Deimos spear Leonidas, with the result that the family will be restored.

How to get the best ending Assassin's Creed Odyssey

The whole family is together.

Enter the old family house and see their relatives in the collection. All other endings are only slightly different: they will be present or absent, certain members of the family.

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