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The series of Assassin’s Creed was not so much close to role-playing games, both in Origins and Odyssey. That is why it is so important to learn how to quickly farm experience points to level up the main character and faster to start doing the more advanced and interesting tasks. For example, to go on a hunt for the Minotaur, Cyclops or Medusa the Gorgon.

There are lots of ways of earning experience points, but for specific actions you will get more profit.

Experience points and increase in level

Ways of getting experience points in the Odyssey is reminiscent of the same system that was used in Origins. They are available to you for almost every action, from murder or stun normal enemies and ending with the execution of the story and side quests, a successful sea battles, etc. the First thing that catches the eye: the amount of experience points given for standard actions (e.g., naval battles or killing enemies), increases in proportion to your level in the game. For example, if you have just taken the tenth level and destroyed an enemy ship of the same level, you will earn about 2% of the experience points from the amount needed to take the next level.

The same amount of experience you get in interest if you just took the twentieth level and destroyed a similar vessel.

Doing story quests, you will sooner or later come to a dead end: you will need to do the job, which requires level 45, while your hero is only pumped to 40. Of course, you can try to get the quest even at the fortieth level, but this would be very difficult (especially if the difficulty level above beginner).

If you’re not in a hurry, then this article, you will be completely useless. You can take time to perform various actions, gain experience points for almost every step left or right.

The fastest ways to earn experience points and improve in the game

Below is listed a few ways to quickly farm experience points. To name some best and fastest is impossible: all depends on your own preferences and what you do best. So please read the information below and then decide which method will suit you:

1. Contracts with boards. In most major cities and villages you can find at least one Bulletin Board. Each has multiple contracts, a list of which is updated over time. Interact with the Board to review the list of proposed tasks.

You will notice that when you hover over each one POPs up a window with briefing information that indicates a potential reward. It can be a piece of equipment, coins or experience points. As in the case with weapons, especially crew members and elements of the ship, the reward is indicated by the icon of a certain color – gray, blue, purple or yellow.

It is easy to guess that the icon is yellow indicates the maximum possible award. Thus, look for those tasks that are marked «yellow icons XP».

How to quickly level up in Assassin's Creed Odyssey

The list of rewards for completing tasks.

2. Actually you can take absolutely all small tasks with boards, as many of them in the first place, are similar and can be executed in parallel to each other, and secondly, associated with some simple actions that you already perform (e.g., destroy the ships or kill the sharks). Some quests are limited time (usually 24 hours). If you are near a place where you can perform a side quest, the game will notify.

Why not spend 5 minutes of your time to get a nice bonus to drachmas and experience points?

3. Naval battles and contracts. To improve your own ship you have to destroy enemy ships, collecting resources for modernization. In addition, the destruction of opponents will allow you to get extra experience points.

«Adrestia» there’s a Bulletin Board related to Maritime contracts. Use it to not just destroy the enemy ship, but to get a bonus reward for completing contract associated with it.

4. The battle for the conquest. In the same way as in the case of naval battles, the battle for the conquest of the regions takes a decent amount of time, but reward you with a considerable amount of experience points. In one such battle you will get the same amount of experience as for the progress of a lengthy task.

An additional advantage of this approach is that to initiate the battle for the conquest of the region have to perform a lot of minor actions to weaken the position of leader in the region. Thus, you will get experience points not only from the successful conquest of the region, but also for the implementation of these actions.

5. From time to time look at the map of the game world in order to understand when an area will be vulnerable and ready for the start of the battle for the conquest. In the bottom right of the screen there is a zone of influence of the current leader, highlighted in purple. As soon as they see vulnerable regions, then go to them. Mention that cannot be deferred, since such battles can occur automatically, which will lead to a change of leader (of the faction).

It is not necessary to miss such possibility of getting a huge amount of experience points. Taking part in the conquest, try to kill as many enemy soldiers.

6. Job boards can be combined with your goals that you are pursuing to initiate the battle for the conquest of the region.

7. The study – you will always get experience points in learning the game world. The amounts are small, but over time, the overall gain would be decent. All sorts of time when you find yourself next to a place that is not visited before, you will receive experience points.

A good habit will be to study all the places with the «white question marks» in new regions. Also don’t forget that you get experience points and pumped Icarus, if you perform all the steps necessary for the complete study region (e.g., in caves, you usually need to kill the leader of the beasts, or to search one or two treasure chests). Hold down the ALT key in the lower left corner of the screen you will see a list of required activities.

8. A good source of experience points will be battles with opponents of a higher level. Can fight in the arena, where a specially trained mercenaries. You can combine this method with other methods: the murder of a soldier to reduce the influence of factions in the region, destruction of mercenaries who need contracts with boards, etc.

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