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Announced in another two thousand fifteen year Ashen, not so long ago, it became an exclusive (hopefully temporary) of the open Epic Games Store just now, currently selling there for one 849 rubles. It would seem that on this bench you can close and do not write anything further. Since not many of us will pay such funds for the creation of an independent studio, which, judging purely from screen shots, looks like just another Dark souls-clone, only with weird graphics and characters without a face. Because some here called Ashen "Dark souls for the poor. "

But I still want to write. As a matter of fact, the game completely deserves that you try it — at least when the cost of it falls.

I have already seen it somewhere …

Can not say that Ashen here is a complete clone Dark souls (in this case — the third part). This is a more common RPG — with some mechanics spied on From software, but with all this with its own characteristics, style and atmosphere.

That which is overlooked lies on the surface — the enemies here are strong, in the skirmishes it is necessary to look after the endurance, fit to put a block or dodge. You can save only the special ritual and putty stones, which also restore health and replenish the supplies of the Crimson Gorilyanka — this is the local analogue of Estus, I mean the multiply-charged first-aid kit.

If you sit down and activate the stone, then the enemies in the location will be reborn, and you can again beat out of their souls. They also serve as experience, which can be spent on improving a tool or pumping the same Crimson Gorilyanka, and with coins, for which dealers sell various useful consumables and materials. As you realize, if you are destroyed, all your souls will be lost, and you will have to return to your grave in order to return your acquired overwork.

There is also its own analogue of the Temple of Fire — the bases where we go back to trade, pass quests, do something better, and so on. The characters we have met in the world who later start offering their services also move there, again to trade something, make spears, make magic talismans, etc.

The action for all this takes place in a rather gloomy world that survived the catastrophe, and the plot, roughly speaking, is built around protecting the light from darkness, searching for a new home and collecting parts of another Very Principle Artifact. Ashen game review“Bosses” are unique here in their own way.

Portable lightness of being

It would seem that the diagnosis is made. But Ashen differs from Dark souls own "lightness", lightness, although I would say — humanity and a more conventional approach. The first and most important — here you are not tormented with enemies at every turn. Yes, they are strong, but always comes to the aid of a partner who will be controlled by either the AI, or another player met in the local open spaces, if you go online.

I didn’t have a chance to run around with a man, but computer partners were very strong (if only they were stupid from time to time). In addition, such comrade can revive you fallen in battle — well, or you him.

And even alone with opponents, it’s really possible to finish off far more quickly than at least some Dark souls. No, this does not mean that the game is primitive in the warhead. It is all the same impossible to relax, since they can nail here in a couple of seconds.

Therefore, it is necessary to put blocks, dodge, try different types of weapons (and there are many of them), each of which beats in its own way and at different speeds. And the "bosses" are quite individual, insidious and strong.

Rather, say so: Ashen — no more primitive, but more humane and familiar just like an action / RPG in the spirit Gothic, eg. Here you can kill a few enemies in a maximum in a minute, and “bosses” in 15 minutes. And not from the tenth time, but from the second or third.

It happens, and from the first.

In addition, after some time it becomes possible to quickly move between the ritual stones on your own riding dragon (!), As well as between the figures of special glowing monks (for this so-called "shadow copies" are used). Given that there are quite a few such points, all this, coupled with less hardcore battles, makes exploring the world not so easy and simple, but more dynamic, in the spirit of traditional action / RPG. Ashen game reviewThe picture in the game is very often gray, but this is explained by the setting.

Yes, and the plot in Ashen served in a more classical way, that is, more clearly and more dynamically. And around is full of side quests, only by performing which you can pump the basic characteristics of health and vitality (as it is called "stamina") — that is, the game is deliberately built not so much around battles and "bosses" as around tasks.

Brave, strange, interesting world

The main thing that really want to explore the world. Yes, it is generally gloomy, decadent, but in fact there are enough shades and colors. Absolutely elegant architecture and design.

And a lot of secrets. There are not only caves and ancient temples, but also rivers, picturesque meadows and waterfalls. And after some time it may be replaced by some semi-desert, dotted with black ruins, where ash storms blow so that nothing is visible. However, looking around, you can see a huge skull of a monster.

Tower? Or just such ancient remains? But obviously there is something interesting. After another five minutes on the top of the hill, you will see a huge fish slowly flying across the sky.

A conversation with one of the local goddesses, whose braids occupy almost the entire screen, is also included in the entertainment program.

Despite the struggle of light and darkness and the search for the next artifact, the setting itself Ashen interesting enough, with a twist. Say, there was a divine bird that brought light to all worlds. And, dying, with her three deathbed sighs, she engendered three epochs: darkness, titans, and humanity.

Now resurrected as an ash chick to bring back the light. And we, along with the surviving titans, must protect it from the servants of darkness.

All this is fascinating and intriguing. Especially since everywhere there are always flashes of marks indicating that here on that stone or on that staircase, where it is still not clear how to climb, there is obviously something valuable. And you really want to climb and pick up. Yes, to navigate, how to get somewhere, it’s not easy, you have to look for workarounds, jump, helping each other with a partner. Passage to some locations (even though the world itself is open here) is closed until some important tasks are completed.

But this only raises the degree of interest.

Finally, the authors were able to realize the idea of ​​developing and growing in front of your own settlement, and then the city. Yes, the player’s base is “lapped” from the Temple of Fire, but with each NPC arriving here, it really gets bigger, comes to life. You see new scaffolding, where some people are doing something, knocking with hammers, then there is a forge, a new house, a new weather vane — everything works so that your camp comes to life and turns into a full-fledged settlement.

Everyone who saw it, a scream was born in the soul! ***Ashen -is not "Dark souls for the poor. " It is rather Dark souls for those who always wanted to try creations From software, but he was afraid of all this darkness, torment, sadomasochism and hardcore. Here you get a more dynamic, easy and familiar action / RPG, flavored with soul-like elements. And this is not just a simulator for “noobs” before diving into real hell, but a full-fledged, in its own way, unique thing with a lot of advantages and only a couple of drawbacks.

Pros: addictive gameplay; large, interesting and elegantly drawn world; a settlement that is developing before our eyes; cooperative; memorable design of locations; stylish picture; atmospheric music; Russian localization.

Minuses: sometimes the AI ​​partner is on the side while they are beating you; animation and jumping performed imperfectly; you can get stuck somewhere; there are unfounded "friezes".

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