Artifact is preparing for the start of pre-orders

Valve is pleased to announced that during the event, Beyond The Summit Tournament Preview will open the possibility to pre-order collectible card game Artifact. In this regard, the creators decided to answer the most frequently asked community questions.

So, the launch will be followed by a special event in which players will temporarily receive access to powerful decks that will familiarize you with the game and its basic mechanics. In addition, you will have access to various modes from quick matches and battles with the enemy under AI control to the user tournaments.

The users who bought Artifact, will receive ten sets of cards, each of which contains twelve random cards “Call to Arms”, the hero of two subjects and at least one card with the highest rarity, five tickets to the event and finished two decks — red-green and blue-black.

Also can sell or buy on the marketplace, but just share them at the start will not work. The tickets necessary to start specific tasks for which performance is rewarded.

For custom tournaments, they can carry absolutely everyone, sending out invitations among friends, or giving them open access. You will have two different formats, and the ability to prohibit the use of certain cards. Prizes and fees for such events were not anticipated by the developers.

Release Artifact will be held in two weeks — on November 28.

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