ARK: Survival Evolved — You can choose one of two graphics modes on Xbox One X

Soon in sale the most powerful console, Xbox One X, which should at least slightly improve the situation for Microsoft in the console market. But game developers, especially those who had a partner agreement with Microsoft, began to tell me that I can expect happy customers Xbox One X from their new consoles in the games. The party remained and Studio Wildcard involved in survival»om ARK: Survival Evolved.

So, the game on Xbox One X will have two modes of operation:

  • Mode Detailed Graphics you will be able to enjoy 1440p resolution and technology Truesky at 30 FPS, which is equivalent to «high» settings on PC.
  • The second mode will change the beauty of the performance, as a result, you will be able to play at 1080p at 60 FPS, and the graphics will be the same as in the version for the regular Xbox One.

Due to the fact that the Xbox One has X amount of RAM by 60-70% higher than that of the original console, players should not expect any problems with lack of RAM. On the contrary, the ARK will be loaded faster and with faster hard drive and the ability to cache information in RAM, to stream the game on Xbox One X will be even easier.

The fact that the Xbox One X will be able to play at 60FPS gives rise to sufficiently serious question of honesty, it is in first-person games, FPS particularly hard on the controls, making players more powerful platform will have a slight advantage over those who owns a regular Xbox One or chose the «prettier» graphical mode.

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