ARK: Survival Evolved — With the release of the game there were toilets

Held a full release MMO ARK: Survival Evolved, which has long been in the early access. Developers offer you to get acquainted with open world games and try to survive among dinosaurs and other hostile creatures. From the beginning ARK: Survival Evolved was positioned as a very ambitious project with lots of content and mechanics.

However, not all early access participants appreciated the game, as was evident numerous problems with optimization and other functions.

For early access, the project has undergone many changes and regularly receive a variety of content. The developers have released another update simultaneously with the release of the game and promise that the patch will bring the long-awaited optimization and not only the toilets, although this is also a good innovation. Finally, your character will be able to attend a full bathroom room and to pollute on the go.

In addition, there were story elements, improved performance, fixed some bugs and more.

Now ARK: Survival Evolved available on Steam for 1049, you can get a seasonal pass (799 rubles), which now provides access to the first of the three big DLC.

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