ARK: Survival Evolved — Video Preview of Patch 254. The first phase of Tek-technologies and new creatures

If we are lucky, then today, January 30, MMO ARK: Survival Evolved will get patch 254 (but keep in mind that the team quite often suffers from the release of such large updates). Added new mechanics: hairstyles and facial hair (with growth in real time), which can be dyed and cut.

The first phase of Tek-technology has become available. Introduced new creatures — Ovis, Basilosaurus, Baryonics, Purloviya. Now you can arrange knightly fights, as added the ability to use a shield and a spear while riding a mount.

The Alliance chat channel has become available.

Introduced the ability to disable the automatic collection of resources from dinosaurs. Scorched Earth now has more loot. Dinosaurs and players acquired five additional levels.

Added sixteen new pioneer notes. Dinosaurs will no longer be able to drink your beer and soups. Fixed all sorts of errors, as well as eliminated some bugs.

A complete list of patch changes for ARK: Survival Evolved is in the comments to the news.

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