ARK: Survival Evolved — Update 252. Event Turkey Trial 2 and the new creatures

Today, November 24, MMO ARK: Survival Evolved update 252. Started 2 Turkey Trial event, so be prepared to get new skins and emotions. Added new creatures — the Megalosaur, Achatina, a Pachyrhinosaurus and Moschops.

Entered the third phase of breeding creatures (random mutation and family tree). Converted all the initial ground of the cave on the map of The Island. Became available 2 new mythical notes for each character.

20% increase in server performance. Now you can command the groups using the whistle:

— For Example, «Move To». Enter look at a place and tell them your dinosaurs to go there.
— There are also visual indicators for whistle commands: move, attack and select group.

Introduced an additional option to «stream» to «far» sublevels card to optimize memory usage and increase performance (but reduced visual quality and draw distance).


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