ARK: Survival Evolved — Update 249. The Halloween event Fear Evolved 2 has begun

MMO ARK: Survival Evolved received updates 249 and 249.1. The event Fear Evolved 2 has begun:

— The days are shorter and the nights are longer, the air is cooler. In addition, scary creatures crawled out of the ground.
— DodoWyvern and ZombieWyvern appeared. Kill them and get DodoWyvern mask (Scorched Earth), and for the destruction of DodoRex and ZombieDodo — DodoRex mask (The Island).
— Introduced new cosmetic items: vampire eyes, werewolf mask and clown mask.
— Added carved pumpkin backlit, gravestones and stuffed.
— Bone costumes from Fear Evolved 1 are back.
— New bone costumes for dinosaurs have become available (Giga, Quetzal, Wyvern, Jerboa).
— The opportunity to get the skin «Witch Cap» has reappeared.

Also fixed some bugs related to this Halloween event, which will end on November 6.

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